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July 02, 2008


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patty p.

I know I already posted a comment about this book, but I liked the questions you posed. I especially liked the question about who I related to the most. While I did relate to Batsheva feeling left out, I actually could relate a bit more with Leanna and the other women who liked Batsheva. I could totally relate to loving Batsheva, but being a bit afraid to totally stand up for her. Unfortunately, I tend to be more like them, more bent on fitting in instead of actually questioning the criteria that have been set for fitting in. I don't know if that makes sense. Several times, I caught myself thinking, "Why would Batsheva do such and such? Doesn't she know that will just hurt her chances with the other women?"

Then, I would realize that I was just as bad as the women who were judging her. Why should Batsheva not expect to be accepted for who she is?

I also really liked the whole examination of hypocrisy in religion. Who has not known someone who seemed totally holier than thou, but who was really judgmental? For that matter, who among us has never judged someone?

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