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June 06, 2008


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Patty P.

I agree that the author should have chosen one or two issues and stuck with those. Certain aspects just annoyed me. Why is it that in all chik lit books, the heroine is so scared to be vulnerable and open to a relationship and then all of a sudden they are cured when a man comes along?

For some reason, it really bothered me that the main character had no friends besides her uncle. And I found the whole wrap-up of the marriage for citizenship thing too convenient and vague.

I thought it had some good starts, but it just never developed anything too well (besides the taking care of a terminally ill loved one, so maybe she should have focused primarily on that...)

And the mother just confused me. That whole secret situation seemed pretty far-fetched to me.

That said, I finished the book in like 3 days, so I obviously enjoyed it despite its flaws!

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