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December 04, 2007


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k-i've gone to leave my response about 20 times but am having spotty (at best) internet connectivity. i've lost my response too many times to type it out again. but i'm working on it... this time i'm going to type it in another application and copy-paste... it's sad how many times it took me to come to that conclusion...


I'm having internet problems tonight as well...

a happier girl

I knew Snow Flower had to be hiding something but I have to say I was surprised by the magnitude of her deception. Even if she felt like she needed to mislead Lily's family, I don't understand why she didn't feel she could at least reveal it to her best friend. And I didn't think Lily was a bad person. I thought her advice to the unhappy Snow Flower over the years was the best she could think of. Snow Flower could have told her how annoying the suggestions were at any point. Lily can't read her mind. Failure to communicate seemed to be a running theme. Because then Lily misinterprets the message at the end too. And I agree Snow Flower forgave her as soon as she got there at the end. I actually thought that was the most timeless part. Because there's something about a really good friend that when things are difficult you want them there regardless of what happened between you the last time you spoke.


1) i totally agree with your statement, anne.

2) i agree again. i find her as neither the heroine or the villian - just a human. she was a little girl, growing up poor, and relied on another little girl to prepare her for her adult life. to find out that the picture she had in her mind (for both her life and her friend) were different had to have been confusing to the point of hurt. but i agree with the above comment that she did the best she could, the best that she knew.

3) yes, i think we are bound in ways that are hard to pinpoint and even admit. i got married pretty late (in my mother's opinion) at the ripe old age of 28. having spent the majority of my 20's traveling and spending money on whatever i wanted whenever i wanted, marriage and 2 instant step-kids was a hefty shock to my system. it's something that i'm still trying to find balance with. like foot binding, these are things that i will grow into and get used to, but the process isn't necessarily the most comfortable.

4) i don't think snow flower's character made her capable of anything but love for lily. i think she was hurt, but never resentful.

oh, and the "bed business" verbage made me roll my eyes every time i read it.

do you think you'll read the follow-up, peony in love?

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