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October 24, 2007


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I've been trying to start reading Kite Runner for weeks, but have been so busy and had no motivation. If that one is chosen, then perhaps I will be able to get myself to read amidst my busy things! Thanks for starting this!


I've been wanting to read a fiction novel for a few months now, but I haven't had the motivation to start. Perhaps this is just what I need. great idea.


I would like to do this too..but hopefully fight club will win out, lol! because I've read (and especially enjoyed the kite runner and eat pray and love) the other 3. =)


the banner is funny. while the kite runner is definitely on my to-read list, it might be a little heavy for november. these next 2 months just seem to fly by, ya know? and since i've seen fight club and can therefore imagine brad pitt and edward norton while i'm reading it, i'm voting for that. just thinking of them now makes me smile.


I'm sorry Sarah, Brad Pitt is my boyfriend.


you can have monday, wednesday and friday's with brad and i'll have tuesday, thursday and saturday's. i guess angelina can keep sunday's....

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