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May 18, 2010


Jack's wife is Juliet.
Ben remembers the conversatino he had with Widmore a long time ago about going after each other's daughters.
Jacob is kind of a bastard. He only cares about his own replacement, knowing MIB would get him someday...

Jack saves the island (does everyone else die in the fight?) and balance is restored. Everyone else's lives continue in the parallel universe - except for Jack's - he dies?

I also think that Jack's wife is Juliet - but I don't know why.

It is interesting however, that their "original" lives pre-island were, as Jacob said, lonely - but now their lives seem to be overall happier -with some exception. Will they always remember - have flashbacks of their life on the island?

Why is Desmond gathering them together? - did Jacob visit him and give him a final task?

It will be interesting to see what becomes of Desmond - He seems to be the "regular" life Jacob - wheeling and deeling to restore "order."

I am most interested to see where Ben will fall when this all shakes out. You never really know about him - which I love. Even ol'Smoke Locke can't be sure about him - seems to take stock in his belief that Ben is just selfish and therefore can be counted on.

I somehow figure that Ben will be the one to make the final move to save the island at the expense of his own life. Whereas before he seemed to protect it for his own power and ego.

I was a little sad when Jack drank the water for whatever reason.

Okay - that's the last of my crazy ramblings... I am excited!

One more thing - I am really not convinced that Jack will be the one to protect the island. I really think it can only be done with his team - even Harry Potter had a team right?

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