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May 24, 2010


I am satisfied - I too cried with Charlie and Claire - even with Kate's face as Aaron was born. Impactful.

My best guess is that Mrs. Hawking simply didn't want to let go of her son yet so she didn't want the others to be gathered. Perhaps, that is also why Charlotte and Daniel did not have their "moment" - it wasn't time?

Another guess about Jack having chosen Juliet in his after-reality was perhaps tied into the fact that he added a son to his life and Juliet had also wanted children. Or - maybe he saw himself as failing Juliet in the mine shaft and so in his after-reality he still had that piece with him. I really don't know.

I really loved Hugo and Ben. I like that we can only guess what their run of the island would be. I love Hugo's growth - and Ben's too. I loved evil Ben but I am happy with his apparent place as a good #2 at the end. Hugo can do that to a person.

Maybe Ben has too much to come to grips with yet - his daughter - his relationship with Widmore. He is waiting for his "family" or all the things he did.

I loved it when Jack's dad called him Kiddo. Because to us parents, our kids will be our kids no matter how old they are and no matter what they've taken on in life. Jack's dad was there to help his son and that nickname only showed his intention.

I liked when Jack's Dad said no one does this alone - because no matter what you believe by way of faith - when you move on or let go - whether you go to another life or place or not - you haven't gone alone. All the people that made you who are - are with you.

Have you seen Love Actually? That end scene reminded me of the scene at the end of Love Actually where people are exiting the plane and meeting their loved ones. There is a feeling of joy and reunion. That's what the final scene was to me - like they departed their individual journey and were happy to see other again. Hugs - Happiness - Joy.

I would have liked to learn more about Mrs. Hawking but I am okay not knowing. I was sad and happy and confused and clear about the end all at the same time. The island is still a mystery - but I am okay with that.

Perhaps it is simply - the force that keeps the earth on it's axis - keeps the continents from shifting - tidal waves from happening. Perhaps it is merely the place where the earth's core is exposed?

A place to be guarded and saved - not a place of good or evil but maybe the island was simply the keeper of balance.

That's my silly ideas. Loved it too and will miss your Lost blog posts. I love my Lost Peg Dolls and my coasters and Sawyer Mug. Thank you for those things and thanks for sharing this with me. I will miss that for sure!

I'm with you. I loved it but I'm still confused. I'm only sort-of OK with that. It was so great and emotional and felt very poetic in the end.
It seemed to me to making some statement about faith, togetherness, relationships and all that, but I guess I wish it was clearer so I could feel I understood the message.
One thing that I find hard to reconcile is who was there in the church and who wasn't. Like no Walt but Juliet and Penny were there, so could not have been just folks from the crash? Is it only people who died on the island? then we presume Aaron and Penny and Kate etc go back and die there? Or was it just people that were important to each other? That find each other in some alternate reality and live a whole other life to reconcile what happened there and once they help each other remember they get to move on?
So are we left to believe that Daniel and Charlotte etc need to keep going in this alternate reality and eventually another group might get together after they all remember? Or is this whole "place that they made together" really the whole alternate world and other people will "make" their own that will presumably be OK I feel like I'm rambling. I really hope in a few month the writes come out with a book or something that explains their thinking.

Wow Courtney - you should have wrote this post. I agree with you & I am o.k. with not knowing everything too. I think as the week goes on we will hear more & like Jessica said, maybe a book.

Ben stayed to have more time with his daughter and crazy french lady.

I didn't get it. I cried because I like that they brought it back to the people. That's what sucked me in to it in the first place but I didn't get it. Why Sayid and horrible rotten white chick? What not his Nadia?


I thought Sayid should have been with Nadia too!

I'm still confused, but I've decided that I don't care if it makes sense. I really loved just about every minute of all six years and I am really sad that it is over.

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