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May 11, 2010


#1 - I don't think his real mother ever said a name; no, we don't ever hear his name any other time during the episode. I figure it must be a big deal if it's being kept secret . . . then again, maybe not ;-).

#5 - That bothered my hubby and I *a lot*. Very cheesy. Special effects were rather Land of the Lost-ish. They almost lost me during that little scene.

#7 - I think she was tired of protecting the magical light. We have no idea how long she'd been there before the boys' birth -- perhaps hundreds of years, like Jacob. That'd wear on a person, no?

#8 - I really liked this episode. It was interesting getting some of the back story on Jacob and MIB. I do wonder why some of the Losties see ghost-Jacob as a young boy rather than a man - maybe that will be explained . . . or not ;-). This has not been the most interesting season of LOST for me, but this episode pulled me back in enough to want to watch through to the end, to see how Jacob and the smoke monster tie into the whole scheme of things.

1) She said "I only picked one name."

7. I thought it was pretty impressive how they wrapped up a scene from season 1 like that, ie, the skeletons in the cave. Some pretty intricut writing.

I think when MIB enters into the light, it creates the smoke monster for the first time, rather than it 'appearing'. Mom told Jacob that going in there would be far worse than dying.

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