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April 06, 2010


Oooh I like the 'looks like Jacob's cabin' idea. Time travel central relocated to the island...

8. chocolate and bloody noses - Anne you make me laugh. :)

It's so nice that they're finally tying the sideways world and the island world together...

Island Desmond is now Mr. Agreeable. Loved his "meeting" Penny and already being in love with her... so perfect. They're by FAR my favourite couple on the show.

I'm done with Smokelocke, too. YAWN.

Desmond is dreamy. I loved the episode even though I didn't understand it entirely--but then I never understand any episode fully! I love Desmond and Penny. Swoon!

It was so nice to see Charlie and Desmond and get some of the touching/human aspects again. I have absolutely NO idea what is going on. I like Desmond's hair...

Oh I am tired - this show wears me out.

Mrs. Widmore sure knows it all and how it plays - does Mr. Widmore know it all as well?

I agree about Desmond - and for some silly reason - I realized I missed hearing him call people "My Brother." Glad to see him back.

I am still enjoying the show but I have found myself thinking about it less - tying pieces together less and just going along for the ride. Full emotion - I also really want Sun and Jin together. I want a basically happy ending - and I don't always want happy endings. I guess I also mostly want answers and to know this all had purpose - how crazy is that!

Okay - I am caught up now and very eager for next week's episode. I hope poor Hurley (who I see as the best candidate for ol' Jacob's job) doesn't have too much to deal with. Wish I had next week already waiting on the dvr.

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