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April 13, 2010


apparently the spooky music in the preview was overlaid with Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka spewing some weird Willy Wonka chant. I didn't catch that - my husband did.

Oh my goodness, I love Hugo. Did they ever say why he was called Hurley? I can't remember.

What's the deal with all the "memory" women being blonde?

I want to go on a fajita field trip.

I want old Sayid back.

Desmond is divine, but acting oddly, in both parallel lives.

I will be so sad when LOST is over!

At this point I don't care much. I guess I am supposed to be remembering loose ends from three seasons ago. My attention span doesn't last that long! (When Libby was in the mental hospital in this episode, I had a Lost-like flashback of my own, remembering seeing her in the mental institution after she died, and wondering what was up with that, and then forgetting about it when it was never addressed, until now.)

I don't think the ending of this will be very satisfactory. It's dragged on far too long and become way too complicated.

I looooved the music with the preview lol... so fabulously creepy, and Willie Wonka was the perfect reference -- ruler of a crazy little world looking for a replacement, anyone? ;P

I'm debating the significance of the kid too -- I've heard people suggest he's Aaron (doesn't make sense to me at all), or that he's an older version of the kid we saw previously with Sawyer & Locke (in which case perhaps a reborn, quickly-growing Jacob), or that he's a DIFFERENT kid, playing the role of the child-Shadow-Dude to the first kid's child-Jacob. But the kid was apparently played by the same actor in each, so I'm pretty committed to the second theory at the moment. Who knows where we'll end up in another episode or two though!

I think both worlds are supposed to be real, in parallel universe kind of way... but the writers said in a podcast that they were going to collide eventually, so I think they might somehow rejoin. Maybe it will end with everybody on the island dying, but their consciousness switching over to their other versions and living on?

Hahaha I have no idea, but I'm loving it. :)

Sayid needs to be stopped. No more romantic/googly eyes.

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