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March 02, 2010


Overall, I'm pretty underwhelmed this season, too. In general, I'm finding online recaps more interesting than the actual episodes.

Hurley & Miles are my favorite characters, but even Miles couldn't save tonight's episode.

I'm curious to see Ben's alternate timeline.

What if Sayid wants Shannon back? Didn't both Shannon and Nadia die 'in his arms'?? I hate to say it but I kind of want him to mean Nadia, not Shannon - because that would be so cheesy!!!!

Agreed about this episode. There have been a few good moments, but I really hope the writers don't have to twist all the characters into a contrived knot to make things end the way they wish. I'm tired of Kate just popping up at awkward times. I can tell they're setting things up for the final ending, but it's feeling a little like chess pieces being moved randomly than believable storylines.

The only thing that occurred to me while I watched this week is that I was glad when Sayid slashed Sideshow Weird Al's throat at the end and dropped him in the pool. That guy was annoying.

It's really kind of terrible right now. I want the good stories back, I want to like anyone one the show, or want them to get what they want. It seems like the writers don't even know what they are doing; CTHO keeps changing his mind, so does Claire, people leave then come right back. It just seems like they are trying to save money, stall, or hope viewers forgot all their other cockamamie ideas. I wish them luck sorting out their mess.

*** Was there a writing flub?

Miles makes a comment that Claire still looks hot. I don't recal Miles ever meeting Claire....

Nice point about the boomerang seeming symbolic!

I'm definitely having mixed feelings about this season too... I feel like we could be headed somewhere good, but we definitely aren't there yet. Plus, I've never been very attached to Sayid so this episode kinda lost me based on that.

Still looking forward to tonight tho! :)

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