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March 16, 2010


Josh Holloway's hotness aside, this episode felt really draggy to me. It seems to be playing out that a very interesting episode is followed by a "meh" episode. I'm very much looking forward to next week's episode -- I, too, hope it's not cheesy.

#7 -- Very interesting conversation.

#12 -- Noooooooo, she is too screwed up for Sawyer.

I want Sawyer, Miles, and Hurley to do a cop show together. I think Sawyer would make a great Magnum PI-like guy.

Actually, it would be great if Jack, Locke, Jin, Ben, and Sayid could be in it, too.

Here's what I don't get: In sideways reality I thought it was just what they were going back to had the plane not crashed (like what WOULD have happened). So then Sawyer already was a cop this whole time? And miles was his partner? Did we ever see some recognition the first time they ran into each other?

OK that's only one of the MANY things I don't get...

My theory is that the flash sideways is what would have happen in Juliette had set off the bomb in the 70s. In that case their lives could have still been affected by the island but with different outcomes, such as Ben would have been there as a kid, but left with his father.

The other part of my theory is that what we are seeing on the island is that the bomb did not go off and that when Jacob "died" he reset time bringing the people in the 70s to the present.

There may be holes all over this, but it's what I'm thinking for now.

sawyer would make a great Magnum PI-like guy.

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