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March 09, 2010


#1 -- Ditto! He is fabulous with all ranges of emotions . . . tho I like him best when he is plotting ;-).

#2 -- I thought it was interesting that teacher-Ben let his inner sneak-and-plotter out.

#7 -- Ah, I didn't make that connection. Richard is one hot nearly-200-yrs-old dude!

#10 -- I love how the scene was set up so that you initially think Ben was selfish and took the job.

#13 -- Didn't that scene mimic a scene from an earlier season??? It sure seemed familiar to me. By the way, I thought Jack looked handsome in tonight's episode, and I've never been much of a Jack fan. Clean but rugged looks good on him.

#14 -- I wonder if we will see Danielle in the alternate timeline.

My favorite Miles line tonight was when he repeated to Ilana a line Ben had said just a minute or two earlier: (I don't have the exact quote) "...standing over his dead body with a bloody dagger, so, yeah, I'd say he killed him". I was glad to see Hurley and Miles end up in the same group; I like this group better than the SmokeLocke group, and I'm glad Ben ended up in Troupe A (as I think of them in my mind).

I love your reviews. Sideways lives is a good name for it. It's getting to be too much for me these days. I love Benry and was also shocked that he chose "good" in his SW life.
Thanks for decoding for us!

Such a good episode! The Chosen is by Chaim Potok -- it's a wonderful book about friendship and empathy... not sure what the Lost parallels would be besides the title itself though.

Nice catch about the East Indian Trading Company! I didn't pick up on that. I do really hope we see Danielle... I can't even imagine her as civilized and working two jobs to get by lol. Do you think she was ever on the island, like Ben and Roger?

much better, though I am still confused. I was excited to see Widmore!

clicked over from gitsie girl, WOW you love Lost AND fabric? you can be my new BFF :)


I'm behind...too much craziness going on right now but I'm still into it.

Once I see an episode, I head on over here and check out your notes. Love those just about as much.


Wow what a great post!! i really appreciate you writing skills.

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