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March 23, 2010


The episode wasn't quite was I was hoping for re: Richard's story, although I can't tell you exactly what it is I was hoping for.

The whole "this is hell" thing annoyed me, but maybe that's just because I'm agnostic and don't believe in the religious version of hell. But for Richard's character, understanding his background, I can see why he would view it as hell.

"Richard has a new job as Jacob's press secretary." -- Best line of your post!

#11 -- I'm not convinced MIB is evil, but both he and Jacob are convincing in the stories they tell so it's difficult to know what's what with those guys.

Only 7 more episodes left. For the most part, this season is anticlimatic for me. I was thinking about how much I miss the action of the first season. It'll be a real downer if this season ends and my overall feeling is "meh".

Last night bugged the crap out of me.

I kept thinking of Mr Eko and how he faced the smoke monster and nothing happened. WHY did he die? Contract dispute? I MISS him terribly.

I loved Mr Eko too.

blogged my thoughts :)

xoxo melzie

Mr Eko had a family emergency and had to be quickly written off of the show, and they did it poorly it seems. I miss him. I miss the old Lost. More and more I find myself yelling "Come on" at the t.v. when I watch this show. I am positive there are details that don't match up, but I can't keep them straight, and I am not a writer for the show. But none of it seems to agree with what they said earlier. I don't like Jacob, I would much rather hang out with MIB, he was funnier at least. And, agreed, no religion please.

We're a week behind you in Lost here in the UK so I always try hard not to read your summary for the episode I haven't seen! I've been a bit disappointed with this series. For some time now I've been thinking that the island is some sort of religious parable so I was a bit disappointed when this seemed to be the case. My husband thinks there is still some sort of alien influence. I'm not sure what to make of Jacob either ...

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