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February 09, 2010


Yeah, you missed the pill popping out, CTHO picked it up from the floor after he gave Jack the Heimlich.

Oh, you're quick with getting this post up!

#3 -- Yes, CTHO did the heimlich on Jack & the pill popped out onto the ground & one of them snatched it up.

#4 -- Yep, I'm tired of Sawyer's tears too. Hubby looked a little surprised when I made that comment during the crying-at-the-dock scene, but, really, there are asses to kick and names to take and pre-Juliet Sawyer is awesome at that very thing. Did you notice how surprised Kate looked when Sawyer told her he was going to propose to Juliet? Sort of an "hmmmm, I guess he no longer thinks I'm *all that*" look (to which I say, "no duh!").

#7 -- Hubby thinks Ethan is still part of the Others. The plane didn't crash, so he has come to the Mainland to claim Aaron. I like this theory.

#8 -- Remember way back at the beginning when Danielle told Sayid the rest of her team had "been infected"? I'm assuming it's the same . . . whatever it is . . . that infected Claire & Sayid. By the way, I don't like the "please don't hurt me" Sayid personality -- I really hope that is not the personality he has the rest of this season because it's really annoying.

Glenda - I just read about the Danielle and how she tortured Sayid the same way as CTHO...huh, you would think after 5 years of watching a show we would remember everything.

I like his theory about Ethan.

Oh, wow, interesting that Danielle tortured Sayid the same way. Goodness, so many little details that the brain doesn't retain!!

On TLo's recap post, they mentioned the island sinking mere weeks after Ethan's birth (which I had already forgotten), so he and his mama had perhaps left in the sub in the 70's when Dr. Chang had all the women & children leave the island & he grew up to become a regular Joe. That makes sense, but I still like hubby's theory better because it makes for more drama! Honestly, I can't look at Ethan and think of him as nice!!

Ethan=creepy, even if he's a legitimate doctor. Ewww.

Oh my word... I do remember her torturing him... how did he react then that was different?? Somebody figure out which episode that is so I can go back and check!!

And I love that we had the same thought about Kate needing a new love interest... I edited my blog to link to you at that point and cite the Great Minds Think Alike principle. ;P

I hope that this was Sawyer's last weepy week. We get it. He loved Juliet. Why did it take him 3 years to propose then???

I don't want Sayid to be infected. His hair is perfect as it is.

Ethan is creepy no matter where he is--the fact that he's Tom Cruise's cousin doesn't help.

What happened to Daniel Faraday at the end of last season? I can't remember.

Daniel was killed by his mommy.

It wasn't the tears of Sawyer that were painful to me. It was the CRAPPY acting at the end of that dock that caused me pain. Keep to the sarcastic one liners dude.

I can not remember anything about the show, even why I liked it in the first place but I'm still in for the ride.

Totally agree with you on the CTHO bit. Too much. Too stereotyped. yuck.

It better get good quick.

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