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February 16, 2010


Sidenote: I've been watching some tv shows on dvd lately and Terry O'Quinn has popped up in NCIS and I believe Alias was the other one (I'm juggling three different series right now). I sure like him.

I admit tonight's episode didn't hold my attention very well. The one thing I did like was how everyone seems to be ending up connected in the alternate storyline.

#5 -- I thought Jacob, so will be interested to see if that's true.

#12 -- I did read somewhere right before Season 6 started that Matthew Fox (I think it was him) said it's not unlikely major characters will die during this last season. I don't want any of them to die! I wouldn't miss Kate, but I don't particularly want her to be killed off.

What are some of your favorite blogs for LOST discussion?

those are hugo's numberS!!!

Glenda - I have a list <--over there of the Lost Blogs I look at.

I wouldn't miss Kate either.

3. I saw that, too. Let's assume it was a mixture of sweat and dirt from running around the jungle for the last week or so.

5. My husband wondered if Richard (who also doesn't age and is possibly "trapped" on the island in some way) is the combination of SmokeLocke (black) and Jacob (white). I think it's pretty plausible that the young boy (young Jacob, maybe?) was reminding SL that he's not allowed to kill Richard as per the "rules". (?) Just a hypothesis.

7. I know - but funny nevertheless!

11. Could "Shepard" also mean Claire, who's father is Shepard? Or could Shepard have meant Christian? Doubtful, but it's fun to wonder.

11. not sure if it's just man's work since SL doesn't know if Kwon means Sun or Jin.

3. I totally thought I saw some stains too! So glad I'm not the only one.

5. I feel like the creepy kid could be Jacob. They picked a child actor that resembles the grown up version. But who is the "him?"

7. I LOVE the Old Spice commercials. They're making me laugh.

11. I want to know why Kate didn't have a number. My eyes were racing all over the screen looking for the numbers and names.

12. I think SmokeLocke needs someone (the person who's replacing Jacob) to get off the island. Maybe? And he's using Sawyer's pain to his advantage in recruiting him and knowing he'll want to leave?

Thanks for pointing me towards your sidebar.

My hubby missed this week's episode and I'm anxiously awaiting him to hurry up and get it watched so I can talk to him about it!

the stains were gross, and otherwise I talked through the whole thing. Ben is losing it, I always counted on him to be a d+++ enough that I would pay attention. hmph.

I'm behind in my Lost watching, so forgive me for bringing this up now, but something I noticed in this episode was how many sounds in B reality Locke's life mimicked sounds from the island. His chair lift on his van sounded a lot like the Smoke Monster, and his alarm clock had the same buzzing sound that the alarm in the hatch did.

Hoping to catch up soon!

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