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February 23, 2010


my hand is up.

two things:

1) who still uses an answering machine? Is the sideways-world a world in which voicemail was never invented?

2) do you think that Danielle was CRAAAZY? She was similarly wacko, always hiding from the Others and accusing them of baby stealing. I wonder if she was "infected" like Claire and Sayid?

Becky - never thought of that - Danielle was the crazy one. Good point.

Screen cap of #108:

Wallace - but the name is crossed out!

I loved this episode! So many new things.

#10 -- Hmmmm, maybe the girl he was married to, the one who he operated on? That'd probably be too easy. Wouldn't it be freaky if it's Juliet! I'm trying to think of which other women from the island we haven't seen yet in the alternate timeline.

Gonna have to rewatch this one for sure.

I wonder if a name being crossed out means you have been to the island & not death?

How are they going to tie up all of these loose ends? what happened to everybody? what about the Farradays? what about Widmore? The Namaste people? The Other Others? they seem to just keep piling on more/different/not working story lines and people.
My guess is the kid is with Kate, ooooohhh.

4+8+15+16+23+42 = 108

I thought the answering machine was bizzare too.

And it would seem claire (and maybe smoke locke) are the bad people coming to the temple?

I just want more and more and more. So many thoughts and ideas. I am always waiting for someone to die - trying to brace myself.

I sort of miss old Linus - I have been craving a little more of him. He must be feeling a bit left out - and poor Richard too. They used to be so "in-the-know."

It would be a trip if Jack's wife is Juliet? I imagine that who-ever it is probably also looks like the son. He could look like Kate?

As for Locke getting married - inviting his dad - wasn't his dad how he got paralyzed - thrown out of the window. Maybe in this other world - he got paralized some other way.

I had always thought that Aaron and Sun's child would need to return but now I am not so sure. There sure have been a lot of candidates.

This is all such a trip - I love it. I will think about it in my dreams tonight. Thanks Anne for always posting. Very fun!

oh yeah - and the Samari comment from Hugo - that's a tie with douche for me. Good stuff from Hugo - used to have some good ones from Sawyer too - not so much lately.

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