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February 03, 2010


#3 -- The thing with Desmond was especially baffling to me. Did he just vanish?

#8 -- Ohhhhh, interesting theory.

#15 -- I'm very curious about Richard's past!!

Do you read Tom & Lorenzo's blog? I generally like their LOST recaps, along with the discussion that happens in the comments to those posts. I'm betting someone will remember about Jin & the watch & talk about it there.

I liked, on the plane, when Hurley told someone he had good luck. Whatever happens to everyone else, I want things to be okay with Hurley.

"smokelocke." i will be adopting that phrase.

TLo's post is up: (hopefully typepad won't spam this b/c of the link in it!). I'm definitely going have to rewatch the episode :)

3. I don't know about those guys, but I was happy to see Arnst, and how bizarre was it to see the flight attendant girl in the temple?

5. awesome line.

10. "fountain of beef broth" is the best description ever.

11. I like that theory - Sayid is the guy-in-white/Jacob guy, while SmokeLocke is the guy-in-white/Jacob-nemisis/smoke monster guy.

Didn't Jin get the watch from his Father-in-law? I think Sun refused to speak English because Jin didn't know she could speak English. In the first season no one on the island knew she could, and when someone eventually figured it out, she begged them to keep it a secret from Jin.

I forgot about Walt and Michael! I'll bet Walt won't be a factor because the actor is grown now, and no longer 11 years old. I also wondered what happened to Shannon, and Desmond.

I read somewhere else (can't remember where) Locke referred to as "Locke-ness Monster". LOL.

Wow, there was a lot in that episode. I was struck mostly by how unbelievably sad everything is. I hope something happy happens to someone!

Jacob represents White/Water MIB represents Fire/Smoke/Black.

To destroy the MIB they must destroy him with water...that's why the island is under water!

Oh Beth - I like where you are going - water to kill MIB.
Tracy - Lockness Monster is the best.
I'm going to read some internet stuff tonight & see what other people thought - thank you for the link, Glenda!

First of all, YAY! I missed your recap/questions. I feel like I can keep up with your posts, unlike others that throw theory after theory at us like literary analysts. I like real people recaps, thanks.

Okay, was it just me, or did it seem like Jack could have been imagining Desmond? Did anyone else react to him being there? I have no idea why he would imagine him, but it's a thought.

I almost cried when Locke was still sitting on the plane, waiting. He just looks so defeated. Terry O'Quinn is amazing.

Did you get the feeling that the scene between Locke and Jack in the airport is going to set a tone for the season? Jack's line, "Nothing is irreversible," was pretty thought-provoking.

I'll be watching again also! I feel like I missed so much even though I was GLUED to the screen.

I read a short interview on with Darlton that was kind of interesting. They said they don't use the term "alternate reality" because it infers that one is not real. Here's a link if you're interested:

Anne, always happy to read your thoughts! It was plenty of WTF but then it always is. Doesn't matter, I signed on for the ride.

I like your theory #8. And the hidden dragon bit cracked me up b/c it was F'd up. Really, bonsai? Really, "doesn't like the taste of English on his tongue"? Oi vey

Worth stopping by just for the name 'crouching tiger hidden other', totally laughing outloud right now.

13. I think home is the temple, that's why they freaked out and put ashes around it.

15. I think Richard was a prisoner on the Black Rock (the sailing ship) and was a personal experiment for Jacob to see if bad people can become good.

Ashley - I never thought of Jack imagining Desmond - good point. Jack seemed odd on the plane, like he was starting to remember things.

I've thought from the beginning of this series that something is weird when Jack wakes up in the jungle...almost like he has been there before.

I read (maybe in the comments on the TLo blog) that someone wondered if Desmond was time traveling and that's why he was on the plane, and then gone. Interesting theory.

I love reading the various theories!! I actually just take things at face value and don't try to figure things out ahead of the next episode, but I still get a big kick out of the various theories out there (it was the same between the release of Harry Potter books 6 & 7). Plenty of "hmmmmm, very interesting" thoughts :).

I love your recaps, they always give me something to think about :) My favorite line was when smokey Locke said, "Sorry you had to see me like that." I totally agree with you on #10 - too much. I loved seeing Charley again, I really miss him. I already miss the old Locke too - I hope he doesn't stay in that character for the whole season.

I love your recaps and I have never even watched the show.

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