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October 22, 2009


i teared up again at the sawyer/juliette part. sheesh.

what's up with it saying it's the final season?? there is no way they can unravel the web they've spun in a single season. ugh.


Can't wait!

I too am not blogging much. Kinda glad I'm not alone.

WTF,I didn't know Lost started soon!

that totally gave me the chillies. With goosebumps and everything. And then I almost cried. Good lord.

*Non-awkward cyber hugs!!* I'm sorry you still aren't feelin' the writing... you should write me a guest post about the most fun you ever had crafting or something. That totally sounds inspiring to me! ;P

So yeah, did you ever finish Everything That Rises Must Converge? Um, I got two pages in. I don't know what happened to the Sarah Eliza who used to read voraciously. =/ I need to rummage around in the past and force her to join me here in the present.

And I am SO PSYCHED about Lost!! I can't believe I missed the 90 day countdown mark, but that's REALLY exciting. Thank you for bringing it to my attention so that I could (briefly) feel that familiar rush of Lost adrenaline... I really think that Lost will probably jump-start all of our blogging again, haha! But yeah, we'll look forward to that. :) :)

I cannot wait!!!!!!!!! I might have to watch all of the previous seasons on TV to tide me over!!!!!!!

Oh, man, I almost teared up, too. I don't normally watch TV, but I make an exception for Lost. It's so depressing that it's the final season.

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