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July 16, 2009


This is all dead on. One of my friends is looking back over her shoulder at the camera, all saucy like. I also see quite a few that are extreme close ups of their eyes OR (!!) mouths. There are also some issues there.

I hate pictures of myself, too. And I hate trying to take my own picture in the mirror. Invite a really good friend over for a photo shoot. And get sauced if you have to, just keep your drink out of the frame.

just hold the camera slightly up and look slightly up at it, in your bikini with your gun.

Wow...That is a thorough analysis of the Facebook picture and another reason for me not to join.

What does the cute baby picture of self say?

I love your analyzation. I totally think you should go with number 4. Makes you more mysterious. In fact, I want all my highschoolmates to think I grew a hunchback.

so funny, because I've seen all of those. The profile picture of your kid drives me insane! Your profile picture helps me know who you are if you don't have your maiden name on there or I hardly remember you. I'll never know who you are if your profile picture is your kid!

I've had the same problem! I am applying around now, so I took down my alcoholic picture and put up a nice BW photo - but I wish I could be a little more creative...

I haven't joined FB yet because of the whole picture thing, but I was thinking of drawing a little face on my hand (you know, the one where moving your thumb makes the face 'talk') and posting that. I'm curious to hear what category this would place me in :-)

I only recently added a photo to Facebook. It was taken by a professional photographer on our wedding day, so I don't look too bad - lol! I don't usually photograph very well so I was very impressed with the wedding photo's and figured I'd put them to good use!

LOL! Anne, you make me laugh (but I've told you that before.) It's like you can hear my inner voice ;) I hate the profile pic also.

You nailed it. That facebook photo does cause some stress. And I agree with your list whole heartedly.

I am addicted to the facebook. Like I need one more thing to suck away my time.

Do like I do on my blog profile, and have a photo of the back of your head haha!

I'm actually very glad to hear you're not hunchbacked though... since I've never seen a photo of you, I had started to wonder. ;P

Girl, I love your blog, but I'm thinking you may have just a tad too much anxiety for the fb.

You have to just do what comes naturally...go with the flow. The object/kid pictures are just out b/c as someone else said, old friends don't know it's you. Ditto for far away pics and pics with you and twenty other people.

Wear a bikini with a gun in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other if that's who you are and if your new prospective employer doesn't like it, you probably don't want to work for them anyway. :)

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