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July 19, 2009


Ay Papi! My dear friend you just made my Monday morning much more happy. Can I share him with ya? lol

I have been listening to Regina Specktor's new lp. My favorite is "Folding Chair".

Thank you for that--Loved it! Not listening to anything. Been reading http://lamomparis.blogspot. Lots of fun to read about an American mother of little ones in Paris!

Can't deny it. The Twilight soundtrack over and over. I am totally in love with Iron and Wine.

GET OUT. I love him. Have seen him in concert a few times (long ago now) and he's dreamy.

This song has become my theme song for this summer! Thanks for sharing the video!

yeah, i wouldn't mind having him sit by my bedside. but i always get irritated when watching videos like that... why can't i have skin like that? moves like that? i want it, and i want it bad! grrumph.

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