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May 11, 2009


Well hey, what are friends for, right? Life isn't all sunshine and roses all the time. The stress level around the world is rising.
I had to laugh out loud about the dog choking herself and quacking like a duck. I know that noise well. I don't walk our dog ever. She's a Weineramer.
I hope you got a good night's sleep and things are brighter today. I'm sending you cyber-hugs!

Sometimes ya just gotta get it out there. I hope this week is better for you!
I had boxers and they were pullers. Walking with them was enough to make me nauseated, the noises they would make were so awful. I bought a harness rather than using just their collar and it made a huge difference. They still choked a little when they pulled too hard but it was nothing like the hacking and frothing that they were doing.

So sorry I can't do anything to help...sounds like you need some "me time"...
I can't get my dog to walk either and he is a 25 lb cocker spaniel, but boy is he strong....LOL and won't heel to save his soul...

Hi Anne, sorry you're feeling blue and it's totally ok to complain on your blog, we understand. Really. You have a lot on your plate right now, so its hard to be upbeat about so many changes.

Anne, I so totally understand. I hope in being able to express it, you're feeling better a bit. {{big hugs}} I giggled about the dog. My wee girlie is only 17 pounds, but pulls hard enough against the leash to fit the same mental image I have of yours. When we had a lab, I bought a "no pull" harness for her. I still have it if you're interested. It basically has padded straps that go around the tops of their front legs. If they pull against the leash, it puts undesirable pressure on their front legs. It worked really well for her. A bit fussy to get on, but if you enjoy the walks, it's definitely worth it.

More hugs coming your way!

Absolutely you can complain! That's what friends do...they listen and you certainly do have some legitimate gripes...big and small. Usually I find that when the big stuff is out of whack...all the little things are more magnified. That person who answered the Yahoo query? Total a-hole. Who the hell isn't grateful for having a well child? Jeez..that's not what mother's day is about. Its about validation. It is about the people in your life finding ways to thank you and appreciate you and give you some time to be your own person. I know your hubby is sharing the same tough times and it sucks on top of it to be hurt but that doesn't prevent him from giving you what you need, which is not something material but validation. You need to talk to him and you need to call for a mother's day do-over. Remind him that father's day...just around the corner! Remind him that you need validation sometimes...we all do.

While everybody's situation is different...we are going through some tough financial issues of our own. This is a frightening time! The best you can do is work together as a team and try to find all the little bright spots and triumphs that you can and celebrate the hell out of them. Balance that positivity with the right to absolutely complain your heart out to those who care about you!

If I have said this to you before, I apologize for being repetitive but this is my favorite quote that gets me through alot of crap...

"Everything will be fine in the end. If its not fine...its not the end."

Keep on keepin' on sista!

I feel your pain!! Mine was lousy too. My list of complaints:
(1)Called my Mom to wish her Happy Mother's Day and she was already drunk at 10:00 a.m.
(2)Had to deal with my neighbor with Alzeheimer's (bless his heart) who asked me the same question over and over and over and over and the poor guy just wouldn't leave.
(3)My daughter with asthma is ill and running a fever. Taking her to the doc today. Let's hope it's not swine flu!!
(4)My hubby is deployed (but thankfully he has a job)and we won't see him again til October.
(5)All I got for Mother's Day is lingerie from deployed hubby. Gee thanks. That's all I needed -- something that makes me feel fat and ugly -- don't get to use till October--and who was this gift for anyways, me or you??
Okay I think that's it. I feel better already. Ranting to complete strangers does feel pretty good. Enjoying your blog by the way. The good stuff and bad stuff and hope your "creative muse" returns. :-)

we had a rough mother's day, too. i admire you for complaining and getting it out. i usually just bottle it all up inside and go back to bed. hugs to you!

I, too am in a creative slump. It's really aggrevating because it's so beautiful outside and I feel I should be getting so much done. And everything my dog does right now is irritating me...especially the manic way he runs from window to window looking at the squirrels.I thought they were supposed to be stress relievers? Your post made me feel better as well as the funny comments after. Thanks!

I am sorry that you feel the way you do. This is a very hard time for all of us. It drives me crazy that life gets in the way of everything I really want to do. My dogs drive me crazy too. Your comment that your dog quacks like a duck was funny. At our house we call it coughing up a lung! Try a gentle leader for the dog, it will help! Keep your head up girl!

Sorry to hear about your situation. Your blog is the perfect place to vent! I wouldn't want to read someones blog that claims everything was perfect all the time anyway. No ones life is perfect and we all need to get our frustrations out somewhere. Thanks for keeping your blog real and true, and reminding us all to do the same. Just keep looking forward to better days!

I love ginny's comment/complaint, see, we aren't alone.
Anyway, you have every right to be in a slump, creative and otherwise and every right and reason to complain.
My dog would do that choke/quack/froth thing too, it made no sense, aren't they supposed to know their bodies or something? I had to teach him how to walk off leash which involved a lot of screaming and near beatings (sorry)I think dogs just suck until they are 2.
Maybe just take a bath? Or go to bed now? I can't say it will get better, but I can say maybe you can handle it better some days than others. Maybe do the white light black smoke thought thing? Hang in there.

Go ahead and complain - I'm there with you. I got a cup of tea made for me on Mother's Day (no breakfast in bed). No gift forthcoming from hubby (he's pretty useless on the gift front anyway). Chloe did buy me a bar of chocolate so that was very sweet. I then spent most of the day emptying out the kitchen ready for it to be ripped out. Was rather annoyed, especially as I had gone to the trouble of buying hubby's mother both a Mother's Day gift and a birthday present!
I don't have a dog but it might make you feel better to know that my Nipper behaves in exactly the same way as your dog! I have to put reins on him or else he runs off. He always wants to go in the opposite direction to me and won't do as I ask at all. Shame I can't put a dog lead on him and get him trained - I think I would have Social Services after me though!

I hate those days/weeks, when everything seems wrong and I want to blog but I have nothing good to say. Ugh. I'm sorry you're feeling this way.

The dog thing...ours totally did that too and it was a pain in the ass. It pissed me off so much. Eventually he grew out of it, which I know totally doesn't make you feel any better. You're only slightly lucky in that it's not winter with ice, because one day when I was walking the dog, our old lady neighbor was approaching us on the sidewalk, so I tried to reel the dog in so he wouldn't jump on her and break her, and instead he yanked me and I fell down on my kneecap and it totally sucked and I couldn't jog for weeks and then I was even more pissed off. :)

Keep at the positive reinforcement, it will pay off in the long run. And maybe throw something across the yard when noone's looking in an attempt to blow off some steam.

Also, the LOST coasters are SUPER COOL.

*HUG* I'm sorry your mother's day was a little flat... I've been in a similar non-creative funk. It sucks. You'll emerge soon!! And yea, the Lost goodies seem to have turned out amazingly, so I might even venture to suggest that you've already emerged from the aforementioned funk... ;P

I'm sorry you were going through all that and I hope things have gotten better by now. And, I have to tell you I admire the way you can write about this and not at all sound whiny. If only I could pull that off. My Shih Tzu Maggie used to choke herself on her collar when I walked her and did the quacking thing so I got her a harness and attached the leash to that. Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway -- I'm sorry I missed it. I spend way too much time on Facebook these days I'm going back to look at your quilt again now because I love it.

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