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May 08, 2009


I have been thinking of Summer lately.

I remember hot and sweaty days that lasted forever, cold Dr Pepper, reading books non stop, garage sailing with my Gramma and HATEING it, laying in front of the swap cooler turned on high covered in blankets, riding horses, the smell of cut alfalfa (the best smell in the world), misquito bites, camping on the Grand Mesa, afternoon rides with a boyfriend that I wanted to go on forever, talking to my best friend everyday, and swimming at the lake. I miss those times.

Love that picture.

I really love your writing. Maybe you should publish a collection of personal essays...? :) Your memories of Mad Libs and matchy outfits remind me of my own childhood.

What a wonderful memory.

My summers were always filled with running wild between my house and my neighbors. We would make stew in the neighbor's kiddie pool and had a secret clubhouse under my back porch. There was also an abandoned treehouse around the block that we snuck into for one summer.

Great memories. We had our own swimming pool (built-in, not above ground) in our backyard, so we rarely went anywhere. We laid in the sun and swam in the pool all day, every day, and I read a lot. When I was a teenager, the pool was less exciting, and we'd go to Lake Michigan about once a week. My sisters and I and a friend or two would head to the beach early and stay until sun set, eating potato chips and drinking pop (yes, pop, I am from the Midwest!) and stopping at McDonald's or Dairy Queen on the way home, all sunburned and sandy. It's been 20+ years since I moved too far from the beach to make a last-minute day trip, and summer still doesn't feel right without being able to go to the beach on a whim.

I can smell the coppertone from here! I have actually kept some of the Avon lipstick samples my best friend's sister gave me when I was eleven. Every now and then when I come across them, I sniff them (okay, I'm a bit weird) and they take me right back to 1983!
A water melon spitting contest you say?! Classy!!!

This is so perfect!

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