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May 26, 2009


all those greens are killin me, anne. so lovely.

my son is very very VERY impressed with the frog. and i am very very VERY impressed with your catching of the frog. i would have no idea how to go about that feat.

you are not the last person to hear that hard boiled egg trick. i am. i'm definitely trying it out.

That is AMAZING!

that is one HUGE frog! it looks all plastic in that 6th photo!
maybe you should give the tadpoles a rock to climb, for when they suddenly get those teeny tiny legs.
i didn't know there was a trick to hardboiled eggs. what goes wrong? i boil mine for 8-10 minutes and they're just like they're supposed to be.

dang, you have bullfrogs? wow.

I have NEVER seen a frog that big in my life. MAN, I would be scared poopless to hold it!

What a great nature study! We are gonna look for tadpoles in the creek down the road. That's real talent catching that bullfrog!

WOW! Those are huge frogs! My boys would totally think you were cool for being able to catch a frog. You rock ;)

WOW! Those are huge frogs! My boys would totally think you were cool for being able to catch a frog. You rock

I just did a search trying to find out what kinds of frogs our big tadpoles will turn into, and I found your blog. I have 3 boys, and we have a vivarium set up- 1/2 rocks/land, and 1/2 water. We have a store bought green and red bellied frog, and a toad we found outside, we'll be raising crickets to feed them over the winter (here in WI) and I too catch frogs and tadpoles. You should have seen me upto my ankles today in the mucky, swampy mud! hahaha At 37, I'd say I'm "cool" too. hahahaha course, I used to swim in swamps and ponds with a friend of mine to catch all sorts of critters. I have to say though, I am sooooo jealous of that big bullfrog!! He is soooo cool!!! Send me one!??!?! LOL J/K Great pics! No matter how much I try to tell my boys they can't keep this creature or that creature, they all bawl their eyes out. So.. we decided to get a decent setup for them so they can watch them whenever they want, BUT, not play with them. ;)

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