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May 31, 2009


The brown-spotted eggs look like Cowbird eggs. Cowbirds lay their eggs in other bird nests and let those birds raise their babies. Cowbirds are considered brood parasites. Stupid cowbirds.

I would love to have a nest! Since we have no trees, I'm going to get a hanging basket.

Yep, I think Laurie is right... some cowbird twirp is trying to get someone else to take over her parenting duties.
Kind of funny really.
And yeah... can I just tell you how many ailments we've had since we lost our health insurance. We barely saw our doctor last year, beyond well visits, but take our health insurance away and we come down with all kinds of crud.
Why does that happen?

I love random. I'm glad he got a job, but sad that it's not a good one. I hope something else comes along soon.

I'm also glad you got a walking foot and are about to embark on quilting! So excited for you.

And a bit jealous about that cool nest.

walmart still has polaroid film on the shelves. it's around $15 a pack for 10 shots, which makes me die a little inside, but the result is timeless i suppose.

congrats on the job. hope he feels better soon.

Hope your husband feels better soon. I hope the job works out for him.

Twilight is a good escape from the stresses of the real world. Edward, however, gave me the creeps. Read the next book in the series, then tell me if you are in the Edward camp or the Jacob camp. I was Jacob all the way. I liked books 2 and 3 the best. Book 4 was just really bizarre.

I can't read so I watched Twilight, with my stupid husband, and had to pretend not to like it or Edward. Edward. I also can't seem to get birds anywhere near my porch (screaming fitting freaking out toddler? old hunting tabby cat?) So I am jealous of your cute nest.

LOVE your photos today!
i also read somewhere that they stopped making polaroid film, but when i asked at the local photo shop, they said they sold it!?! i'm gonna ask again, as i'm (apparently) not looking for film, but the friggin polaroid camera! lol

I love you even more because you liked Twilight. I think of you as a wee bit 'better read' than myself so I have never brought it up but I devoured those in true vampire fashion last summer. Up to all hours of the night just drinking them up. LOVE them. Probably a crappy message to young girls and all but I'm an old girl and enjoyed the heck out of them!

Water your hanging planter with ice cubes :) Then it shouldn't bother your nest.

Hope your husband feels better soon! And maybe a better job will come up. hang in there!

So sorry for your husband's back trouble, and the job difficulties... I'll pray for y'all that it gets better!

I love the photo of the nest though.. just gorgeous. :)

PS That's too great that there's a facebook group about unreal expectations... I gotta check that thing down... haha!

How funny that I recently read about the cowbird on another blog -- I knew nothing about them before this. I know you posted this a while ago so I hope your husband's back is better now. I'm sorry he didn't get a good job but glad he got something.

nothing about them before this. I know you posted this a while ago so I hope your husband's back is better now. I'm sorry he didn't get a good job but glad he

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