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May 12, 2009


How freaking cool are those coasters!!!! Seriously girl, you rock!
I can't believe tomorrow is the season finale. I'm so sad.

Damn - is that profanity? Anyway - damn those coasters are cool. And damn - you are funny. And I do like Star Wars but not Star Trek. I also like "How I Met Your Mother." And again - Damn those are cool - your are cool and Lost is cool. Damn. Okay, I'm done.

And sorry if Damn is not allowed in your house. My mother would be disappointed in me but well, damn.

Those look so great! My hubby asks me things like that, and then puts the girls to bed so I can watch in peace. I can't wait to see your Sawyer peg doll!

Chalk me up for dorkdom too! :) It's good to be a dork...we are far more interesting than non-dorks. lol And by the by...I haven't even seen Star Trek yet and I am already hot on the new Spock.

Alright...I waited til the last minute but here are my answers to your questions (those coasters ROCK btw! and I NEED a Sawyer peg doll!)

1. The incident is the release of the magnetic energy either through the Swan or the bomb...I think this will cause a time shift, flinging our 815ers back to their own time.

2. I am sorry to say that I think Juliet is toast.

3. Therefore I think Sawyer will be kissing and crying over her dead body.

4. Bonus..What lies in the shadow of the statue? I think they want us to think that its the bomb because of the temple...but I don't think so. I think Jacob's grave lies in the shadow of the statue.

Can't wait!!!!

I wish I could come to a lost party at your place too! Except then I'd have to drive home and I have to work in the morning.

I'm so excited!

Also, I'm not a star trek person, but holyshit the new star trek movie is so great. J J Abrams is the man.

Awesome! I love the coasters, and I'm so curious to see your (gorgeous) (creative) peg dolls. Sounds very fun. :)

Love the giveaway, and I'd totally come to your Lost party and bring more Dharma beer. ;P

Btw, is the finale tonight really three hours long and starting early? My mind is boggled by this, and my boyfriend is seriously unhappy to lose me for a whole evening, haha! Oh well, the price we Lost fanatics must pay... and yeah, I'll admit to being a HUGE Star Wars fan, and to loving the new Star Trek too. I'm not ashamed!!

You are soooo creative and obsessed! LOVE those coasters. I was thinking about doing an intarsia knit Dharma sweater!

I want to come to the LOST party too, but I live in L.A. Boo Hoo!

Ellen B.

cooooool coasters! really!!


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