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May 14, 2009


Well, I certainly wasn't expecting Jacob to be a real man. who was the other guy, Esau? I think at some point Jacob killed him and now he's possessed Locke.
Did you notice that Jacob touched everyone he visited? I wonder why he visited some of them as children, and some as adults.
I'll probably end up watching every re-run, even though I don't want to. LOL.

This episode was great. Anyone who didn't think this episode was going to end with a giant cliffhanger hasn't been paying attention. I hope season 6 doesn't start with them all in LA not knowing each other that would wast precious episodes we don't have to spare. If it starts at the begining of the crash with Jack in the jungle it will be like King's Dark Tower books where he keeps repeating the same chase of the Man in BLACK across the dessert until he does it right. I'm positive Jacob isn't dead. I've always had a hunch that the island was the garden of eden. Going back to Adam & Eve(who seem to be Rose & Bernard) who Satan got to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and having God expell them from the garden. Maybe that' why Jacob keeps bringing people to the Island to test their free will and inherant goodness. When Danielle crashed on the island her people were possesed by the smoke monster and turned evil which leads me to believe that it's a manifestation of Satan or even Satan himself. Ben wasn't banned from the Island we know this because Cristian told Locke "I told you to move it" when Ben did he was tossed from the Island. He then manipulates Ben into thinking that his pseudo daughter told him to listen to Locke when it was him all along as well as Locke. The magical ring around the cabin was broken so whatever protection or barrier it offered was no longer there, which allowed Black/evil to run rampant throughout the island. Having Ben kill Jacob is like Jesus being cruicified the people did it not Satan, but also Jesus rose after 3 days "more powerful" than ever if you will. Having Jacob die the having the bomb go off to sort of erase things id going to change alot. Time may rewind 3 years to the crash and we start the so called "war". I can't believe we have to wait to 2010!!! Now that's torture!!!

Ok - for starters - you rock with these posts and the giveaway. Seriously.

Now - a couple of small thoughts and please excuse me if this is mind numbling obvious...

MIB is the black smoke monster and conjured up the image of Ben's daughter to get Ben to do what he wanted.

I think Jacob never appeared as Jack's Dad - Christian? Is that his name? I think it's the MIB appearing as Jacob to set his stage. Based on this past episode, I think Jacob only appears as Jacob. I think MIB has been who Locke has seen in the cabin all along. Ileana mentioned after she came from the cabin that he (Jacob) has not been there in a long time.

John never saw Jacob either - he met this MIB who took over his image as well. It appears he may be only to take over images of people that are dead? Do their bodies have to be on the island for that to happen?

That's all I've got.

I do know for certain that I had dreams about it all last night. It's a tough show and it's hard that people seem to lose when they do find love. Rose and Bernard better keep hiding - Desmond and Penelope too.

I do love the twists, writing, time traveling and love the characters - even the constant wonder of good vs evil. Ben vs Charles. Jack vs Saywer - who is right - who is good - what is destiny - is there ever a meant to be - should you ever try to change the past

All good stuff. I guess I can just be thankful that last night's episode was just the end of the season and not the series. It could have been. Bomb goes off - that's it.

Thank you again for these great posts - your giveaway is seriously cool. I don't think I've won but oh man do I wish I did! Someday your early peg people will be worth millions as they/you become famous! Too bad I wouldn't get much for mine anyway since I would play with them too much and never want to give them away~!

Have a great day!

Hahahaha "because they left Juliet in the well." Oh man. :P

Ok let's see...
About #3 (Locke's special-hood...) I don't really think he necessarily *was* special. Wasn't Richard thinking that caused by the doppelganger orchestrating Locke's flashes through time? Unless the real Locke is brought back next season (and I kind of hope he's not) I don't think he actually was "special" at all... which is sad.

Regarding #6 (book club) YES!! Let's totally read that book this summer -- I've been meaning to read more Flannery O'Conner, and the title is drawn from a Pierre Teilhard de Chardin quote, and I think he's fascinating... Let's do that please. :)

Number 10 (Jack's "I had her...") was completely exasperating. If I had a boyfriend who would blow up a hydrogen bomb for me, I would break up with him for being a dumbass and endangering the lives of many... including ourselves, DUH.

And then #16 (Juliet's tumble down the well) That was *definitely* sadder than Sun and Jin... she slipped right out of his hand! :( And I didn't see Kate doing anything useful at all, so I blame it all on her. The least she could do was find a stick and wack at the chain, and she didn't even manage that much.

#17 (Richard's Latin) My boyfriend says that Richard's response to the "what lies in the the shadow" question translates "the well known/prominent one who will protect us all."

#20 (body of Locke etc) Maybe... maybe the smoke monster apparitions have been used to manipulate people all along. Maybe Christian was lying when he said he was authorized to speak for Jacob -- maybe Jacob had already vacated the cabin by then, and it was haunted by the ghost of his buddy / Smokey. The more I think about that, the more it makes sense to me... what do you think?

I'm pretty sure that this is the longest comment ever, so I'll stop now. :P I posted a TON about possible sort of theological parallels with Jacob and his frienemy... let me know what you think. :)

On second reading, I don't think that first sentence made sense, so I'll try again:

Didn't Richard think Locke was special because of the encounters he had with Locke during the time-flashes? And those turn out to be orchestrated by doppelganger Locke, so basically might have been nothing.... particularly if it was Smokey / Frienemy speaking through Christian in the cabin. Wasn't that another time that we thought Locke was special?

Maybe that's more coherent anyway. :P

I'm still LOST and confused. I love the show, but I really can't figure it out.

All I know is that the dude that played Jacob was the bad ex-husband of Dexter's wife on Showtime's "Dexter." Interesting casting. "Jacob" has an innocent and impish "Tom Sawyer", "Ralph Malph" look about him.

Being a knitter, I liked that Jacob was spinning yarn in his cave!

I enjoyed it. I have no theories. I just let the story tell itself. However, I was fixated by the fact that little-girl-Kate has the exact same backpack I do, which is by a company that launched in 2003, so how could little-girl-Kate have that backpack? I started to think the backpack was significant, what with all the time shifting, but then I gave myself a shake and realized the props people just didn't know.

Sawyer's sobbing after Juliette was a real tear-jerker for me.

When Rose and Bernard and Vincent showed up, I thought "Anne will be so happy to know where they are!"

17. I was wondering about the answer Richard gave to the riddle, looks like you found that out.

No one has mentioned the Onk again. The giant statue was Egyptian, and right there in the statue's hand was an Onk, Egyptian symbol for reincarnation. The loophole was reincarnation: Jacob's 'friend' came back through Locke and found someone angry enough with Jacob to do the dirty deed for him. Jacob died way too easily, so I'm sure he will be back again. Maybe through Jack, ha ha! JK.

My thoughts were that the ship was in fact The Black Rock, which dates that scene on the beach with Jacob and 'friend' over a hundred years ago. Jacob is ageless like Richard.

Great giveaway, love the lunch sacks!

Oh, and I laughed out loud when Jack accused his father of giving him a time-out in the middle of his surgery ;o)

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