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May 15, 2009


OMG, the peg people. LOVE the peg people!!! You are so talented. The Locke one especially, but all of them are fab. LOVE the bloody nose!

What will we do until 2010? You will have to make more peg people to SELL (I would buy them) so that we can enact our own scenarios while we bide our time.

Just noticed Sawyer is holding a flower! Ha ha ha ha!!!!

You are a peg doll genius!

Too funny! You must make more. Maybe you can act the series out for us every Wednesday night to keep us from withdrawel ;o)

You are too funny and too good. Those Lost cast pegs are perfect!

I just watched the finale online. I feel asleep during the show. I now, right???!!!

Going to read your recap now.

Anne you rock so hard! LOVE them! Dying over here! Dying!

I am speechless! Everything looks so great! Love the re-enactments!

no. way.

you rock.

this is ingenious.

those are hilarious. well done. :)

I can hardly contain myself and if I ever thought profanity was allowed in a post - I would put it here - those are *(^*&^&( cool.

you are the best ever

you are just way too cool. i think they should replace all the characters on lost with peg dolls.

Oh My God

Oh My God

You blow me away! Really, this is so good.

Hehehe LOVE IT!!

They're awesome, and I really could tell who each of them was... I totally think you should do a peg-doll video rendition of what to expect next season (a Lostie peg doll "Dr Phil" episode about Daddy Issues would be AMAZING).

I waited until after the contest to comment, because I didn't want to take away the awesome prize from someone who watches the show...MY LORD these are so perfect! You are something else with your peg doll skills.

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