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May 06, 2009


Are you sure Kate was talking about Locke and not Daniel? It could go either way...

I think Jon is saying he's going to kill Jacob because he believes there is NO Jacob. He's trying to expose Richard in some way. I don't think Ben is in on it, he bought "Jacob" and was terrified but I think he was being manipulated. Maybe the "island" told Locke, the island = good and Jacob/Richard = bad. There has to be a reason Locke didn't recognize the compass when Richard visited him. maybe it's that they are successful and erase the time and young Locke has never been to the island and will never go... hmmmmmm

I did not buy that they would put them on the sub and let that be that. I was bummed Kate showed up, she's made for wet towel Jack - they are both so mopey. Couldn't they just ignore her and say goodbye when they land where ever they do? Poor Juliet.

I wanted Dr. Chang to hug Miles.

Great update as usual!

I like your theory Tracey - like Locke pulling back the curtain on the great Oz. It makes sense - Richard was stalling..."Um, John there are some things I need to tell you before we do that (there is no Jacob)" "We can't just show up...we have to put up the prop cabin."

Does this mean they are using Jacob as a way to keep their people in line?

This episode was all chock full of eyebrow raising things, huh? Even though there are SO many questions that need answers, I think the question I most want to know the answer to is why the hell doesn't Richard get old?! wtf?

So good.

I want to slap the smug look off of Locke's face just as much as I used to want to slap it off of Ben's. I think Richard is confused because he knows there is a much more powerful force on the island, and he doesn't understand why that force hasn't kicked the snot out of Locke yet.

I love Juliet and Sawyer too - they seem to be good for one another. Kate would be a nightmare.

There is one little thing bothering me - the island "cured" Locke of paralysis and Rose of cancer - so why did Shannon have a major asthma attack 'way back in season one?

Hahaha you write the funniest recaps! Love it! And some seriously mind-bending theorizing there about the true identity of Jacob... you might be on to something too! It would be *awesome* if it turned out to be Locke himself stuck in an alternate dimension LOL.

Yayyyy I'm excited Juliet and Sawyer won you over finally!

I'm glad you pointed out the ship in a bottle -- I noticed it at the time but then forgot about it. It actually struck me initially as making Richard seem a little aimless and more human (like, oh look, he's killing time because he's oblivious to all these huge Island-shaking events going on...), but I guess other interpretations could be that it was meant to show him as meticulous/patient, and/or stratetgic? Hmmm...

You crack me up! You are STILL on Rose & Bernard! LMAO!
I totally agree that Kate is nothing but trouble btwn Sawyer & Juliet, and I am sick of the cheerleader getting the quarterback all the time!
I bet Tracey & Anne are right about Richard/Jacob.
Keep up the good work, and I think next week's episode is actually 3 hours long!

Was that ship a model of the Black Rock? I'm so confused, I almost can't wait for this whole show to be over, lol. Then I can watch it on dvd and maybe get a clue!

Whoa! Quite an episode!

I'm very confused and not ready for the season to end. And I'm still not buying Sawyer and Juliet.

What on earth is next season going to be about??

Link for you:

I think there are going to be some shockers in the finale next week. They are going for the "i bet you didn't see that coming' effect.
10. I think that magic box was a hoax. Ben used it mind-screw Locke. He probably just used the sub to kidnap his father, then stuck him in the box.

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