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May 27, 2009


thanks for the cute free embroidery - want to try the bee on the bike for a friend named "Busby" that just learned to ride a bike:)

Those are adorable! They are definitely now on my summer crating list.

Anne these are fantastic! You really should open a shop on etsy!

These are great! My 7-year old daughter and I are learning embroidery and these will make it so much fun! Draw on!

friggin cute!

those are fantastic! now if i knew where my embroidery stuff was in my storage unit..... i might just have to invest in new hoops, they are what? like a quarter?

Oh, so cute! You have such a great sense of humor. I love the lemonade and ice cube running away from the tipped over glass.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! Nobody laughing here, although I had to laugh at the comment. I downloaded them and hope to get to them soon!

I LOVE these! My teenage daughters like to embroider with me and they will flip over these. Thank you for such a great project!

These are so cute!! Thanks for your talent and for sharing!!!

Holy guacamole!
These are so stining cute!
And I love that little wingless bee with his little bee beer belly! Honey ale? Adorable.

I love them! The bee on a bike is my favorite. :)

Did you hear me squeal? I did just that when I saw your patterns! I LOVE the glass with the lemon slice and ice cube. Thank you so much for sharing these!!

Thanks so much, these are adorable! I just love the gnomes. I'll be linking.

Ohhhhh LOVE IT!!

Not wasting your time at all... I was figuring to hem up some cloth napkins at some point soon, and I adore gnomes so I'll definitely be using your patterns for decoration... Even more excited about the project now hehehe.

These are so cute! I can't decide what I love best--the crab? The rope-skipping gnomes? The bugs in swimming suits? They are all so cute!!! Thank you for sharing these!

These are just darling, thank you for sharing!

I posted photos of my new Lemonade Escape tea towel on flickr


these are SO cute!

hahaha funny pattern ! simply lovely!

If you sew any of these, please send me a picture. I want to know if you like these or if I am wasting time drawing stick figures and you are collectively laughing at me.

I am impressed by the embroidery work.This is some thing that is really nice.People having such skills can so a lot in their life.I am waiting for more creative work of your.Keep posting such great posts.

thanks for those patterns.

nice.People having such skills can so a lot in their life.I am waiting for more creative work of your.Keep posting such great posts.

However and for whatever reason, I can't get the freehub body to sit all the way down the nose. It slides down about 3/4 way and stops, i wiggle it and nothing happens. I don't want to force it either and am left just really frustrated.

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