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April 29, 2009


I think the media is having a field day with this one. I don't think we need to be ignorant but I don't think we need to panic either.

P.S. Thanks so much for adding your book faves to my Spring Book Parade post!

I'm with you. I keep going back and forth. And wishing I knew if the media was telling the complete truth or blowing it all out of proportion or completely trying not to make us panic or whatever. I'm concerned. But not all that much, yet. But I'm not planning on going to Mexico anytime soon, and I'm hoping my friend cancels his trip there.

That is creepy about the evolution of a virus, super creepy. But I guess it makes sense, sort of. Everything just wants to survive.

To be very honest, I am shitting my pants about this flu. I go back and forth about buying masks and I will probly go buy some today. I have already sent bottles of Purell with the kids and am just hopeing they use it.

When I get too freaked out, like every hour on the hour, I have to tell myself, 'What's going to happen is going to happen". My becoming a nervous wreck will not make the situation better.

I think that without a small kid I wouldnt be phased by this. But kids GET EVERYTHING. And my kid? A nosepicker, aka, come here little germies I will show you the perfect path into myself, through my nose!

So, at this point I am fairly convinced that if this thing gets here, there is no way to avoid it at my house.


Hype. I'm burying my head in the sand on this one.

Masks are only of any use for the first little while- after you have breathed in and out for a while and the mask is wet it is no use any more.....I don't really know what to think - the media is certainly whipping it up....but plane travel makes virus travel so much easier!

Well, there really is a media frenzy on this one. They're tracking every death with what appears to be ghoulish glee.

Colloidal silver works GREAT on viruses, and I know people also use oil of oregano, but it's expensive. We'll probably stock up on colloidal silver, but not because of this - I just really hate getting sick. The paper masks don't work for very long.

Build up your immune system - eat right, exercise, stay away from sugar - and you should be fine.

I am actually worried about this flu--I have visions of barricading my family inside my house for weeks until the storm passes! I think I'm going to stock up on essentials tomorrow, just in case!

Why 2010? That seems so random... I've heard 2012 because of the Mayan calender, but what's going to happen in 2010? I need to get prepared here yo!

Viruses are fascinating -- I remember the biology report I did on them in high school was the easiest *ever* just because I ended up so intrigued by them. But yeah, fascinating, in a completely terrifying way. Right now I'm not concerned about this swine flu just because of the general trends of flu that people take so much for granted -- but that isn't to say that this or similar things couldn't become yet more serious...

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