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April 23, 2009


I was disappointed too. I love this show so much, but man can they let you down, lol!

oh my god, the hot pocket. I don't know how they come up with this stuff.

those are my two favorite parts too!

but the banter btwn hurley and miles is climbing the ladder. those two could have their own sitcom.

I totally agree with you about Wednesday's episode!

Luckily, I was working on a complicating crochet pattern, so really, I just LISTENED to the episode. Sigh.

I think the LOVE scene between Hurley and his Hot Pocket is the best.

Is Eloise still on the island in 1977? That part confused me, because I was assuming Daniel was the same age as Miles or even a little older, so he should be alive by now. That made me think that Eloise must be off the island by then... but maybe I'm overestimating his age?

And I totally agree, "from another perspective" was such an over exaggeration... the tag line should have been "this season... sequentially." My biggest conclusion from this "clips" episode was that the flashbacks are the real star of the show lol, take them away and Lost becomes a lot less cool.

I guess I disagree with everyone else, because I found it extremely refreshing to have the whole thing spelled out chronologically. I felt a lot less LOST! I'm beginning to see that this show relies on gimmick, though, because really, when viewed chronolgically, it's just a soap opera.

I also found myself wondering if this show is really going to go anywhere, and if, when it's all over, will it have made any sense at all, and will I still care?

But I'll continue to watch!! Which is all they want me to do anyway.

I had to watch it also just to get my fix. Then I was thinkin' "That's it?" when it was over. No new info. Oh well!

Where ARE Rose and Bernard?

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