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April 02, 2009


there is no. way. i can answer these.

i read these posts like cliff's notes for lost.

i think i need to spend the summer watching the first seasons instead of asking my husband, "should i know who that is?"

I'm going to think about those questions for a while, but as for number three, it had better be Kate, because they have such good chemistry and I don't believe that he is really in love with Juliet!

Were you the one who told me about Hurley's blog? It's so delightful!

Ben does go back to Dharmaville, remember he's older when he gasses everyone out & kills his dad. I blame Jack for Ben being Ben because he didn't do the surgery.

I'll give the questions my best shot - what a fun idea!

1. the 815ers disappearing
2. Hurley (I hope I'm wrong!)
3. I don't like Kate so I hope she's kissing Roger LOL. Sawyer should be kissing Juliet but if it can't be her then Hurley, but not in a manlove kind of way. They're BFF's

Can I just say, you were pretty much dead-on with your prediction last week about Juliet saying that they hadn't needed saving?? That made me laugh. :P

I'm excited about your giveaway! Very fun... Only I'm mildly confused about what you mean by "the incident" -- did somebody refer to this in the episode and I just didn't catch it? It seems like Lost is a succession of "incidents", lol, so I wasn't sure. Let me know and then I'll give my best guesses!

Do you really hate Juliet so much that you want to stick Ben's dad on her? I don't care what "soft side" we saw of him this week... he's such a jerk, I wouldn't wish him on anybody...

How can we deny love to Roger Linus? Maybe he has a super sexy body?

I don't hate Juliet, but she is an Other...

Alexis - Tracey from Paper Dolls for Boys was the one who sent me the link for Hurley's blog - it is a fun place to visit.

My answers (and PS I love your Lost recaps):

1. The incident was a leak at the Swan; the button must be pushed because the electromagnetic charge builds up before it gets too big.

2. JULIET. At least I frickin' hope so.

3. KATE. Again, I really hope so. She and Sawyer are perfect for eachother. Jack is annoying, LOL.

I enjoyed reading your comments on the latest episode. Reading blogs about the latest episode has become one of my favorite Thursday evening rituals! Ok here are my guesses to your questions.

1. Someone sets that bomb off that was buried in an earlier episode when they were back in the 50's.
2. Miles
3. Kate (although I am in the minority here and actually like Juliet and Sawyer together)

A friend of mine came up with an interesting theory about next week...what if the island is evil and Ben is being judged for doing good - helping the Losties return, um, um, and other stuff. She thought the island was hell and Ben had sold his soul, if you are good, you leave the island if not, you are allowed to remain. So maybe Ben has to prove that he deserves to stay?

1) They buried the bomb but it continued to leak and they had to re-contain it somehow.

2) All the Dharma people.

3) Yeah, probably Kate.

Fun! I was really happy to stumble across RIMD's Lost posts - I always need a debriefing after Lost and the message boards take too much time. Thanks!

I thought Kate would leave Aaron with Cassidy too! And I was super close to bawling when she finally left Aaron to come back.

I'm horrible with predictions. But I totally have a feeling about who's going to die. Hubby and I debate about it all the time.

I don't know how I'm going to make it through the summer without LOST. Geez, I don't think I can answer those either, with any accuracy whatsoever.

1. the incident.... I guess some kind of electromagnetic burst, maybe caused by someone turning the wheel, or maybe because those two rabbits got near each other in the Orchid that time. maybe that was the incident?

2. I think Miles is a good bet. He's disposable. oooh, or Sun. No, Sun needs to reunite with Jin.

3. eeney meeney miney mo... Kate or Juliet. I think Kate.

I love reading your recaps!

1. The incident occurs when the losties try to return to present time.

2. Sayid

3. Juliet, but I really hope it's Kate :)

Ok, answers:

1. The incident is something that blows the cover for Sawyer, Juliet and the rest with the Dharma-ites, right as Ilana and her cohorts attempt to attack the settlement, having discovered their objective at the bottom of the statue and trying to get to the submarine to return to Widmore.

2. Ilana dies, as does Horace & Amy... leaving young Ben holding little Ethan and becoming his protector.

3. Kate tries to throw herself at Sawyer in a last-ditch effort to get him back, but he rushes to save Juliet and kisses her as they reach safety moments before the episode ends.

And we're left with a cliffhanger, freaking out that we have to make it through another six months or whatever with no Lost... :P So curious to see what really happens lol... very fun!

Ok, I just noticed the additional paragraph talking about what might be "the incident"... are we assuming that the incident happens during the building of the Swan? Because right now its still the theoretical model that the hyper dude was stressed out about Sayid seeing / knowing about, right?

Hmmm that makes me curious how much time will pass in the chronology of the Dharma Losties before the end of the season... I guess the incident could totally be them hitting some kind of energy source during the construction of the Swan that from then on needed to be "vented" with the button... intriguing!

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