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April 29, 2009


Very sad too - his realization made me so very sad. I want them to take him to the temple and save him like Ben.

Has Ellie already had Daniel at this point - in the 70s. He is older than 30?

Anyway - I had chills through most of this episode too. I don't believe that the past can be changed - otherwise their (Elloise - Whitmore) memory and knowledge of their own past would be gone - unless like you said it is Desmond-ish and they will all of a sudden have a new recollection.

This destiny - past/present thing is certainly interesting. Night.

This was the best recap I've read so far. I was curious about the magazine too and the whole "I can make time," that the kid Daniel said struck me. I had a lot of chills... but also am still confused! I'll have to rewatch the episode.

Overload! Overload! Haha this episode was so great, but definitely a lot to process. I have to say I don't think Eloise in the present was aware that Daniel eventually dies after she sends him on the expedition with Widmore. He hops a sub back from Ann Arbor after he sees the photo of the Dharma Losties... in other words, because she sent them back in time. I think sending them back in time set off the chain of events that led to him being shot, and the fact that they had introduced new variables is why she told Widmore she doesn't know what happens next. I talk about it some in my post, but I think any new memories will be popping up in her present, so I'm not sure why she was crying when she stopped him from playing the piano... except maybe she is caring enough to just be regretting that she was hurting him in that moment?

Hahaha your comment about late child support made me laugh... it was interesting that she slapped him. Maybe there was a whole betrayal thing, when he went off and got with Penny's mom?

Once again, TV has killed off another of my favourite characters. :'( Very disappointed Daniel won't be there next week. Well, at least they haven't killed Miles... yet.

I was completely unimpressed with this episode, and had stated this aloud, up until the commercials ended and we found out Widmore is Daniel's father. Totally crazy. And then.. poor Daniel! :(

I am hoping that the Island heals my twitchy friend Daniel...

I cannot imagine trying to wrap my already fried brain around the Oceanic crash NOT happening.

Great recap!

Oh the father issues rear their ugly head in this episode for the rest of the cast. Do notice that the only person without Daddy issues is Hurley - the guy that was locked up in a mental institution? Is it me or is the certified crazy guy trow out most of the saner questions/ideas (peppered with Dude) than the so called smarter/cleverer people?

I think Daniel was crying when he saw the news of 815 in the water
because a part of him realized that he wasn't able to change what happened ~ he wasn't able to prevent the "incident" that led to Desmond doing what he did to make the plane crash.

I mean, Daniel wasn't conciously aware of this, but somewhere in there he realized he had "failed".

Why does the island "heal" some but not others? Is Daniel really dead?

I did not like this episode. I told my husband it was like "brain pretzel" only not as yummy. Too much, too many people.

I kept remembering the beginning and how SHOCKED I was to see the rapid feet of the others shuffling by, "There are OTHERS on the island?!!!" and now it's a cast of millions and I can't keep track and can't care as much because of it.

I think you are exactly right that it will end with the plane landing and everyone will go their separate ways, not knowing each other.


This episode confused me thoroughly and broke my heart! Poor Daniel was just his mother's pawn for his entire life!

I am very confused, but I love it and will suffer terribly until the next season starts!

i love daniel faraday!!!

i have a sneaking suspicion they're going to wrap the whole thing up by going back to the beginning -- like a giant version of groundhog day.

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