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April 16, 2009


It was his filling! Crazy, huh? And gruesome...

Hmmm, I don't remember a similar file blamed on Ben, but I totally believe you... In that case maybe it isn't so obviously Widmore after all. Though, the freighter captain *was* working for Widmore, so who knows whether he could be trusted...

I'm so curious about the statue thing, and Ilana and the guys in the van! I'm really confused who they're working for -- somebody on another blog suggested Daniel's mom, but their language hearkens back to the Ben/Widmore "war" talk... like we need another variable in the scenario lol.

As always, great review... and I might take you up on changing my answers for the giveaway now... I'll think about it and get back to you. :P

Here is what I learned....
I am totally hoth on Miles. :)

Loved when Miles was a punk kid.

Loved every second of Hurley.

Still very confused!

I am liking Miles more and more each time he gets screen time.

WTF Evil Scientist Daniel?! I am very curious to find out what he has been up to!

Also, the dead guy wasn't shot; Miles asked if he had been shot due to seeing a hole in his head. But then when Miles got a chance to get a sense from the guy, he found out it was caused by a filling. Freak accidents like that can sometimes happen in highly magnetized areas. Thus, being required to take off all metal items before you go into the MRI lab, for instance. I don't know if you watch House, but there was one episode where he put a dead guy through the MRI machine. The guy had a nail or some such thing in his head, and when the MRI machine was turned on, well... I won't go into the gory details. Ick.

I'm disappointed that next week's episode won't be a new one. :(

P.S. Hurley/Miles scenes are hilarious.

Also, what the crap is the deal with the statue question???

Geez, what DOES lie in the shadow of the statue? And who's Bram? Have we seen that dude before?

Fine bellbottoms indeed. I commented on those to Nate at the first wide shot. :)

i too have been analyzing kate and juliette's clothing, making sure it's period appropriate :) we can't remember the last time we saw daniel. hoping you can help - the last thing i remember is him sitting at an outdoor table on the compound watching charlotte as a little girl. but then where did he go? help, i'm lost! (hehe)

I'm not limited to 1 guess, right?

What lies in the shadow:

-Does the bomb lie in the shadow of the statue?

-The past lies in the shadow of the statue.

Will think of more after I drink lots of wine tonight.

Also wtf about Walt? How did/does he figure into all this?

Hurley is the new Sawyer.

Daniel totally is with them in the 70s -- he was with them in that last scene in Dharma-ville before we jumped the 3 years chronologically, when he was so distraught over seeing little Charlotte. I definitely don't think he's evil -- he either was off the island trying to make progress to get them back to the present, or has adopted the Dharma-life like the others and was on a mission/assignment for them... I can't wait to find out which!

PS What made it seem like Daniel might be evil? I wasn't able to find the preview for the next new one anywhere, so if there was anything in it to that effect then I totally missed it... but even if there was, I refuse to believe it! :P

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