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April 09, 2009


I'm buried under Passover preparations and yours is the ONLY blog I read this week, including my own. I LOVE your recaps.

I thought the smoke scene with Ben looked very "un-Lost" like. Like it veered into one of those bad Mummy movies but I will forgive Ben most things.

I missed Sawyer this episode, and Miles. I'm glad next week seems to be Miles heavy.

When Ben showed up on the boat I said to my husband, "Oh good, I hope he shoots Penny." He looked at me strangely and I tried to pull it off as a joke but I really did mean it. I don't like her. There love story = zzzzzzzzzzz for me. Bad, right?

1. The Incident will be the past and the present colliding at the Temple.

2. The sciency guy whose mother is Hawking will die. I vote for Jack though.

3. Sawyer will Kiss Kate and Juliet during the season finale. And maybe Rose.

I'll send you my address in anticipation of victory.

I definitely connected more with Ben this episode... there were several moments where he seemed much more human, and knowing his grief/contrition over Alex, having her "image" call him a bastard stung a lot to me...

hahaha Jacob as Tut... :P But they almost seemed to be saying that the island is inhabited by Anubis this last episode, so who knows... my boyfriend and I have spent all day taking turns concocting Egypt-related interpretations for the last ten minutes of the show lol.

Oh, and as for the engraving in the cave (I think that's what you're asking about?) I posted a whole long paragraph about what the symbols could be insinuating, so maybe check it out when you have a chance? I'd like to know what you think! :)

i have a couple favorite moments:

when ben falls through the floor mid-sentence, i actually snorted in laughter. i love it when he is surprised. and you gotta give him props for beings such a resilient old dude after being such a wussy little kid.

young dashing charles whidmore was kinda like a less hunky antonio banderas, which is funny to me on so many levels. riding in on a horse, hair blowing in the wind? yagottabekiddinme.

also, when ben was starting down the first tunnel, where he flushed the floor, i was PRAYING he'd start saying "here smoky smoky... here... monster monster" like he was calling a puppy.

i don't read the lost fan sites so this may be left-field, but lets talk about ole eye-liner'ed richard alpert. so he is eternally late-30's hunky. his initials are RA. isn't that some sort of egyptian god? then the heiroglyphics downstairs? i wonder if there is some sort of connection.

since i watch the episodes online i have no idea what the scenes from next week are, and therefore can't answer your 3 questions with any level of certainty. but i'm thinking there has been lots of talk about this temple so maybe the "incident" involves that somehow. someone is going to die? hm... i would REALLY like it to be crazy password-asking ana lucia lookalike, but i doubt it will be her. maybe hippy-hair horace?

and sawyer totally kisses me. right after he calls me angel lips.

oh my - I don't know and time is running out - hmmm.

1. Incident - something to do with the magnetic issue

2. Horace - not sure why - just a guess - didn't he appear many seasons ago with a bloody nose building a house somewhere in the woods - who was it that he appeared for? Locke? I can't remember - anyway - Horace is my vote.

3. Sawyer kissing Kate (please don't let it be because he is the person in question #2 - last kiss style.)

ok - I want to change #2 - can I do that? Please change my vote to Daniel - if not that's okay.

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