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April 12, 2009


When I worked in the candy shop we made coconut "haystacks", same idea, just different shape. Did you use toasted coconut flakes? The only thing that looks different to me is that it looks like too much chocolate. When I made the haystacks they were really "sticky" looking. If that makes any sense. LOL

I sure hope so! That photo makes me want a hollow chocolate bunny now. Not a solid one, though. The hollow ones taste different.

I love the cupcakes and the basket of chickens (for some reason when I read that I thought of Kentucky Fried Chicken - not that I've ever eaten that)......Happy Easter to you and yours!

hahaha oh dear, "depressed bunny cupcakes" made me laugh... they do look pretty blue, when you come down to it...

Great Easter pics. :)

The depressed bunnies are the best.

hee hee...those bunnies do look kind of anxious.

happy easter! love the banner.

I love that "chicken" picture, LOL too cute. I've looked up the nests recipes and keep seeing the same thing you said you done. The only thing I can think is maybe try a different brand of chocolate? kwim?

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