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April 25, 2009


so sorry to hear about your husbands job. Never worry about putting stuff like this on your blog - I believe it is good to share. I hope that he is able to find something better soon. xx

Oh crap. I am sorry to hear about your Hubs losing his job. I hope bighter days are in your future.

If I find a wealthy family needing to adopt, I'll send them your way.

Whatever you do don't sell your japanese fabric! These are the times when you need those comforts. I'n sure you could sell the Batman peg dolls just bump up the price. God must have something better planned for your husband. Keep the Faith ( D. would say)

That sucks. I hate this this is happening to so many families.


I am so sorry. Wish I was wealthy, then I could adopt a few families. My daughter was also laid off, but luckily found a new job within the same day. It hurts when it hits home...

So sorry, Anne. It is tough for families who are trying hard to pay the bills. If only you were a large corporation or a car company, then you'd get a helping hand! Keep us posted, and hope this resolves soon. By the way, I can totally relate to the incredible insurance cost...we pay $1100 a month. Ugggh!

Anne I am so sorry! What kind of work did your husband do? What is he looking for?
*huge hugs to you*

Oh No! Bless you...

i am hopeful this will bring you a huge, great life change, and to Portland (never mind the unemployment rate here, we'll figure it out)

i am hopeful this will bring you a huge, great life change, and to Portland (never mind the unemployment rate here, we'll figure it out)

Oh Anne. This is suckful. Hopefully something amazing comes out of it.

(The blog ads cant hurt. Dont know how much you would actually make, I think I remember a biggish blogger telling me she was only making like $20 a month, but its something.)

OH Anne, I'm really sorry to hear this. We've been through this a few times too. Sending big hugs your way.

Lina xxxx

I'm so sorry that happened to you guys. Don't ever worry about posting stuff like this. All of us who read your blog are your cheerleaders. I hope this all works out for you soon! Please keep your chin up!

I'm so sorry to hear this. The u.s. economic system is so different from ours, that I don't know what it is you're paying insurance for - but it sure is a lot! Why don't you make a list of what you think you would be able to make and sell through an etsy store - it sure can't hurt, can it? As far as I understand, it's free. And I'm sure all your blog readers would help you advertise your store. I would!

I posted something yesterday but it didn't show up. I'm really sorry to hear this. Too many families are in this situation. It's downright scary. I hope you find something every day that makes you happy and keeps you hopeful. Use your blog to vent. We'll all keep reading.

Sorry to read what you're going through. I wiss you well, stay strong, keep your head up. Good times will come back eventually.

I am so sorry to read this. I can say I empathize, as my husband and I both lost our jobs in the space of 5 days (mine was part-time, sorry, not to scare you). Good news: he got a new job. Bad news : it's in Detroit (I know, what the? Detroit?). I figure if we can find a job in the worst economy in the country, there's hope for everyone. In the mean time, I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

Very sorry to hear about your husband's job. Maybe (thinking glass falf full here, determinedly) it will lead to something better.

Fingers crossed .....

Oh no Anne!! That's terrible. I wish I had something wonderful and profound to say. But I don't. That sucks donkey balls.

Well crap. I was going to start by saying, "Oh honey," but "well crap" seems more appropriate somehow. I'm sorry. I can totally understand your frustration.

I'll find out this week, I think, if I have to reapply for my job or not. And if I do, and I don't get it back, well, who knows? Maybe it's all a blessing in disguise as satan.

Hugs, friend.

I'm so sorry, Anne. :( I can well relate. I hope that it's a very temporary situation for your family.

I am sorry to hear this news! It would appear that the economy really is in pretty bad shape!! I do hope that things start to look up!!

I'm so very sorry! Sending good thoughts your way...

oh how awful. i hope things look up for you guys soon. i know one blogger who charges $15 per ad per month, fyi.

p.s. nice blog, btw.

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