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March 18, 2009


I am oh so confused. Haha. It was a good episode, though!

Oh my goodness, I am confused!

I also don't know why Sawyer is so angry at Jack, and I'm amused by Jack's new job.

I really want Kate and Sawyer to get back together, and I want the writers to make it that Sawyer and Juliet were never together!

Last night's episode was really confusing (as usual). I did not get how all the housing looked like an abandoned ghetto, yet Christian turns on the light and opens the door as if he was perfectly fine living there. He is uber creepy! I can't wait to find out what he meant when he said that to Sun. Sun is gonna keep beating the crap out of Ben, mark my words. How the hell are they gonna get Sayid out of jail? It did look like Sayid will try to kill little Ben, but every time they leave us with a scene like that, it's never what we were expecting. Jack is just pissed that he isn't in control anymore--good--I like Sawyer. I don't get the Ethan angle. Why even bring him into this, and where is Rousseau, and did she deliver Alex yet? also, how can Ben claim to be Alex's father if he was just a tween when she was born? I need to consult with the writers. Have their number?

Me again, (I hope you Indiana Jones party is awesome):
I don't remember Faraday's mother ever saying they could be split into different decades,
and I guess Miles is not Dr Cheng's baby like I thought he was. Darn! that would have fit because Miles had the nose bleeds which indicated he had been on the island before.
Can someone please remind me this show is FICTION? I forget sometimes ;)

Oh my gosh, I was totally wondering about 9 and 10 too... we're on the same brainwaves obviously. ;) The tension could be over the girls, plus feeling helpless, plus Jack resenting Sawyer being the Man with a Plan all the sudden... Also, number three is driving me crazy too -- even if Rose and Bernard are the Adam and Eve bones originally found in the cave, the characters still need to acknowledge that they're not around any more and it's odd!

And I LOVED your hypothetical synopsis of next week... Hilarious. I should totally start making one up each week too, it would be highly entertaining :P

Just subscribed! Looking forward to reading your posts :)

I loved last night's episode which I watched today. It is much easier to watch in the daylight!

I actually liked the scene with James and Jack. Sawyer was finally in charge and was level headed. He was right how Jack "reacted" as a leader and it did them no good. I am team Sawyer on this one, all the way!

i thought jacks job was a little "screw you" from sawyer.

this was a fannnntastic episode. and i too expected more reaction about them suddenly being in a new time period. but after smoke monsters, i bet that was a welcome weirdity.

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