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March 26, 2009


I thought they said "Ann Arbor," like in Michigan. Hmm.

I didn't believe that Sayid would go off with some woman he meets in a bar--wouldn't he be a little suspicious and self-protective after all that's happened?

I miss the other Sawyer too!

I was amused that the guy who gave Sayid the sugar cube used to play Larry, of Larry, Darryl, and the other brother Darryl on the Bob Newhart Show. Am I the only one old enough to remember that?

I think your idea of the Dr. Phil/Oprah Daddy episode would have been an awesome show! Maybe they should hire you to get the show back on track.

It's Ann Arbor. The Dharma Initiative began at University of Michigan. My alma mater!

Me again. I just read the comment about Larry, Darryl and Darryl. That's where I knew that guy from! I kept wondering how I knew that face, but figured he had just appeared on the show many episodes back. I was all set to close my eyes and not watch Sayid get tortured, but when they shoved that sugar cube in his mouth, I thought "that's it?"

I also heard Ann Arbor which I just associated with a hippie home-base.

I too hated this episode. BUMMER. We've seen Sayid like this, it did not inform us of his character or stretch him as an actor. zzzzzz

We differ on the Sawyer/Mr. LaFluer to YOU bb, front. I like this new in charge Sawyer. He's finally meeting his potential in a way. He's able to be his caring self and I'm digging it. But would also like a shirtless scene just for old times sake.

I don't like Jack so the less out of him the better.

The "I was just brought a chicken salad sandwich by a 12 year old Ben" was the highlight of the show!

I missed the scenes from next week, damn dvr.

Unrelated to Lost, I love the sheep banner. Way cute!

Why does Juliet have to talk like a baby?(In baby voice)"Ummm. Here's the ratchets, and umm here's the guns, and ummm, stay away from my man" On an upshot, when was the last time you saw a man shoot a child on tv?

I don't watch Lost (and after reading this, I sure wish I did)) but I am totally cracking up over #7.

Your sheep in the header picture are so cute!

dang it. i always forget to type that dumb word after i comment.

so my first comment... ah, crap, i can't remember what i said... i finally got caught up on lost and the first thing i wanted to do was come here and finally read your updates.

oprah/dr. phil thing = awesome. you need to write a book.

Funniest Lost critique EVER! Besides being hugely amusing, your dialogue about Daddy issues brings out a good point... nobody on this show has healthy relationships lol. I had previously thought that about the various couples, and now this just confirms it... :P

PS I tried to do the trackback thing to show that I linked to you from my post, but blogger makes it really difficult. So... er... I linked to you from my post. :) Hope that's cool!

Your recaps are the best, Anne.

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