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March 25, 2009


I cant get over how much effort you went to. Everything looks fantastic. You should be helping duffers like me who have no idea what to do at a party!!
Love the cake too

Looks like a fantastic party!

forwarding these posts to my hubby... I want an Indy birthday party this summer, and I want it to be exactly like this.. so there.
(it's freaking awesome!)

It all looks fantastic, but another party in the summer??? You really are a glutton for punishment - lol!

Love it all! Will link to this again today and thanks for the Princess party shopping tips! Good thing I've got months to get ready!

I like swearing in my kitchen at midnight too! And I love the expected/actual response from the kids. It usually goes something like that, doesn't it? Although Aurora has said she wants another monster party this year, so I must have done something right.

Seriously, this looked awesome. I feel I'd better start thinking about stuff for this summer. :)

Wow, everything is way cute-- especially that cake. Though I think a really good cake singlehandedly stopping underage drinking might be wishful thinking! :)

I'm not worthy!....(Bow)...(Bow)..(bow)

Absolutely amazing. All of it. You rock!

Love your cake! Great job on everything!!

Wow, I am so impressed! You totally rock.

Wow. Seriously amazing Anne!

Really, this is so cool. You are now my party planner hero and I think your kids are sooo lucky to have you.

Wow - seriously! I think you're being very strategic - more than the cake - these parties are certainly worth a child putting off underage drinking! They totally owe their momma. What kind of party could she throw for 21?

This is a party I would have remembered forever - and if the party details and the child that was a little poop sick - or the one that gave up chocolate for Lent(you always make me laugh) faded from memory - I would remember all the time spent preparing it with my mom.

And really just that I was so super loved to have a mom that did all this for me. Amazing. Congratulations!

I'm so impressed! Can you come plan my kids' parties?

Boy I am in awe! You did such an amazing job!

bwahahaha- the drinking part cracked me up!

This party was so damn good, seriously impressive.

That cake was magnificent and I lol'd at your kiddo's reaction, so much like what is happening at this house.

Well done!

So much cuteness. I love it!

Please adopt me so I can have birthday parties this cool. Awesome cake. Awesome. And the hats. The perfect hats. So. Cute.

HOW FUN!!! Please invite me to the next shindig at your house. I'll look for clues and eat yoru cake anytime.

that is ammmmmazing. i can never show my son these pictures or he'll feel super, fantastically gypped.

you are my hero.

I'm glad I'm not the only mom out there up til midnight, loopy, decorating bday cakes!! I wouldn't have it any other way.....when my son told me he wanted an Indiana Jones cake, I was stumped, but I cannot wait to attempt yours!! It's perfect!!!Wish me luck!!!

Shew, you really give me a run.
People here in SA think I throw great parties.
I have nothing on you.
Wish you had a girl so you could give me great inspiration for my little 3yr Barbie party. I am feeling rather flat right now.

Oh. My. Gosh. You get the Mama of the Year crown, no question.
The party, the gifts, the cake... Good LORD the cake!

You seriously rock, mama!

Whats The Recipie For the cake

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