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March 21, 2009


Hang in's going to be great!!!!A couple of years ago I did an Mummy party and had to search around for beetles that I could make into fossils. I couldn't find a bag of insects to save my soul, so had to buy them individually too. Those little maddening details!!!But I know you will make it through and treasure the memories!

Remember to breathe--although not near the garbage!

I hope you get through it ok, and that you even have a bit of fun.

Good luck!
~*~ calming thoughts ~*~

Good luck! Hopefully you'll look back on this email post Indy party and realise how hiliarious it is - sounds like you're running on adrenaline and coffee!!!

Sadly, the only time our house really gets clean is when visitors are coming. Luckily, the kids don't seem to notice that the wood floors have never really been given a scrub for 2 years. We just sweep and hope to clean the spills before they've eaten the varnish.
Your son will love the party. And why don't they make bigger garbage cans to hold all that trash!

I hope that the party goes well! I am sure that it will and the kids will have a great time!

Ugh! I had a birthday party like that 2 years ago. 25 kids (it was a combined b-day). At one point I found myself practically hyperventilating on the front porch "waiting for the pizza guy." Chuck E. Cheese's, as evil as it is, was looking really good about then. Hope it goes well.

You'll do fine! And afterward you'll say you'll never do it again, but you will find yourself addicted to the rush of the potential failure and humiliation of a bad party, and every year there you'll be again.

I said "you will" 5 times in that.

Oh what a wicked web... I feel for you. Big time. Everything will be great and the things that aren't, well, hopefully they'll be funny later.

I'm going to email you a picture of my little one's first birthday cake. It's one of those - maybe it will be funny later.

As for the garbage - hmmm... should he really be taking you on at a time like this? He may end up in the Temple of Doom.

OMG! at least there is an end in sight, right? and he'll have all these great memories to keep, so it will all be good.

I'm a little late to this post so I hope all has gone well.
You made me laugh with the garbage competition because exactly the same thing happens here. Sometimes I win and shame hubby into clearing the rubbish, and sometimes I lose because I can't stand it anymore!

Wafting lavender your way. For post party calming.

Can't wait to see the photos of your (and all of our) crazy party planning!

Now, that it's over, I know you know it was all worth it.

the 3:44 am "oh shi" dance made me snort.

i haaaaaate that.

but you telling it is too funny.

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