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March 31, 2009


Little E is quite sensitive, but also doesn't listen.

my little M is the same way...not a good combination.


Heeeeyyyyyyy, I bought those same two sets from IKEA and we didn't get a trowel or knife! At least I don't think we did. Maybe they are lost in the backyard.

My kids are now too tall to play in the IKEA play area.

LOVED Playmobile when I was little! Good memories...

And Ikea isn't just a store... it's an experience. If it doesn't quite equate with a museum, then it sure comes close... :P

i like ikea because i decided that it's ok for my kids to roll around and play on the beds. i don't let them do that anywhere else, and i don't know why i think it's ok at ikea, but it is what it is. they prefer that over smallland (or whatever it's called).

"balls" is my trigger word, the one that makes me giggle uncontrollably, and act like a 5 year old which makes all of my friends and my husband look at me with that look of "you're kidding, right?"

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