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February 05, 2009


That is a funny story!

14. I thought Jack told Kate to call Sun and have her meet them with Aaron. But I was watching Nate do the taxes as I watched, so I could be wrong.

Vincent came to the island with Michael and his son (can't recall his name).

oh, how i look forward to your recaps. (do i say that every week?)

i hope sawyer gets to see himself chillin on the beach reading in those taped together glasses. he'll be mortified and make the best, wittiest comment about himself.

ben is the most creep-tastic villain ever. his "sorry" had me rolling.

the little bottles of ketchup i actually saw at walmart, of all places, last week. over in the bakery/deli department. cutest little guys.

Your Lost recaps give me a new way to enjoy the show. Hilarious.

The only question I can help with is that Vincent was Walt's dog (Michael's son).

Oohh..I didn't even notice the writing on Ben's Van.Good Eye!I was happy to see them start to explain Danielle too! I always look forward to your recaps!

I am totally psyched about Danielle's backstory! I am pretty sure that Charlotte and Miles are children of the Dharma people. I think Miles might be Martin Candle's son (The videotape guy in the labcoat). I just wonder why Daniel isn't having nosebleeds. We saw him in a flashback of 1970's dharma right?
I do not like this "Sun with the Crazy Eyes"....she's creeping me out. So glad Jin is alive.

11. If I remember right, Danielle killed her own group because they were all sick.

I love those little ketchups--you get them from room service in hotels if you order french fries!

You are much more observant than I am! I missed a lot of what you caught.

Are they trying to set up Sawyer and Juliet? The have no chemistry (even though I think that man would have chemistry with a rock!) Juliet must have negative chemistry!

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