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February 12, 2009


I was thinking last night that I wanted to rewatch all of the prior episodes because there are so many details that I don't remember. Like the stuff about the smoke monster. I'm going back to read reacaps at least of this season's episodes, since so much seems to be happening.

I didn't put together that Ellie was the girl with the rifle and also Faraday's mom until you said so. I'm wondering now if maybe Charlotte is also Ellie's daughter, based on what she said before she died, and that she is Faraday's sister.

We know that Charlotte's mom is not American, from her saying something about marrying an American. The big question is, who are their fathers? Widmore? Are there any old Others?

It's a good thing I have your recap to read or else I'd be lost. I miss alot of that stuff. Thanks!

When Mr.Echo met the smoke monster, it was gunfire, and showed Mr.E flashes of the bad things he had done. I always thought that sound was machine guns.
I liked it when Ben got pissed at the carping kids in the van;
"I will turn this reincarnation van around right now young man!"
otherwise, I am baffled. Completely. I do know that I am so sick of Daniel Faraday though and his whispery lame talking, and his tie. Take. off. the. tie. in the jungle.

you cracked me up with "reincarnation van!"

Yes, Daniel should take his tie off and get a Sawyer makeover.

Hi! Found you today via another blog (mylittleloves) and I too am a Lost junkie.
LOVE your recap! I bet you're right about Ellie/Daniel's mom. But, could Charlotte be "Annie", Ben's little friend when he was a kid? If her mother told her the island was not real, then she could have changed her daughter's name, too. Although Ben looks older than Charlotte. How PISSED is Sun going to be for having to leave her daughter behind? She may end up killing everyone off the show for that one!
Keep up the good work!

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