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February 26, 2009


Ben "branded Juliet"? Did I miss that?

This was a super good episode. The actors who play Ben and Locke are the best 2 on the show, I enjoyed it tremendously!

I thought John ate the mango like a man just brought back to life. Appreciating everything.

So is the island John's one true love? Do you think Helen will make an appearance on the island? I bet so.

Looking forward to seeing your links!

Have I told you how much I love your LOST posts?

I love them.

Juliet shot one of the Others to help Alex escape. She was sentenced to death, but Jack asked them to spare her life, so Ben ordered her "marked" instead. He branded her with a weird symbol, that no one knows what it is.

Yes, John was appreciating the a zombie!

I am completely confused about everything, but I do think that Ben is not evil--he's too complicated a character to be pure evil.

I was so happy to see Walt!

I love Lost and I love your Lost posts!

nude simon says?? hahahahaha!!! where do you get this stuff?

my number one thought at the close of this episode was, oh wait, it would be number two. number one is always "I LOVE THIS SHOW!" screamed outloud to noone in particular. my second thought was "man, that john locke is an emotionally needy dude," all that "i'm special, i'm not special, i'm important, no one cares about me." sheesh. would someone give this dude a hug? (besides the creepy half-hug-patting that ben gave him.)

ps ana-lucia-lookalike needs to die. she doesn't bug me as much as ana-lucia-original did, but it's only a matter of time before the sneer makes a comeback.

I may be totally wrong - but what if the people (Hurley, Jack and Kate) who got zapped from the plane are in a different time platform than the other folks (John, Ben and new visitors)?

It appears that John is there at a time when the Darma place is vacant but Jin is in fresh darma clothes and sparkly new van - a time when darma is up and running?

Did the island not want Ben and John at that time? I can see the island passing on bringing Frank with Kate and the boys. But Sun - you would think the island would want her. Unless she is not the woman with Frank. I immediately figured she was the one who took off with Frank though.

It's late and this is just crazy ramblings that will probably be proved wrong next week.

All I know for sure is that I love your recaps - the Sandles snip was too funny - and that the show is always too short. Before you know it, it's 56 minutes into the hour.

Your recaps are THE BEST!! you are too funny! (the bite down on this stick and hope you don't get an infection)
anyway, how did you come up with Charlotte being Penny's mother? and good one on the possibility that Jin taught Charlotte Korean! I wonder if he really did?
I know you are not so into Widmore, but that man has the most AWESOME accent that I have ever heard!

3.) I was wondering, if Widmore had the camera at the 'exit' in Tunisia, why didn't he nab Ben when he exited there? Hmm..

Oh, and has anyone seen the commercial with Walt in it? I knew he looked so much older after spotting him in a Tyson chicken commercial. He and his buddies are raiding the cupboard after school, and good ole' mom serves them Tyson chicken ;o)

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