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February 19, 2009


I thought it was going to take them all season to get to the island...then boom they are all there. Last nights episode was a good one.I think it's clear that one of the writers took an English Lit couse in college, one was in the Latin Club in High School,and one dabbles in Quantum Physics books as a hobby. At least they are putting it to good use!

I'm pissed as hell, because WHERE IS AARON?? Claire was pregnant with Aaron when they got to the island in the first place, so shouldn't he have to go back to the island as well?

#10 "I liked Jack's Grandpa Ray, he seemed quite healthy to be living in a nursing home - he's going to the island." Is he going to the island? When is that mentioned?

I've been stalking your blog, waiting for your recap! Wow, you really notice things. Me, I just watch. I was happy I remembered who Frank Lapidus was before he came out of the cockpit!

My questions: aren't these people famous for being the Oceanic 6? Don't airlines keep track of the names of passengers? Isn't Hurley noticeable enough that at least one of the ticket agents would recognize him? Aren't any of the airline people slightly freaked that 5 of the Oceanic 6 are on the same flight? Wouldn't Hurley buying 78 tickets set off some red flag somewhere? I mean, you can't even take your shampoo in your carry-on anymore, but 78 tickets isn't going to make anyone curious about your intentions?

Love this show!!

My first thought was that Kate gave Aaron to Claire's mum, but then I had the horrid thought that maybe she killed him. I really hope not.

I too had the thought that Aaron was given to Claire's mom. Maybe Kate was too afraid to bring him back to the island after the freaky dream she had about Claire telling her not to dare bring him back.

I know he was just making a wise crack, but when Ben said his mother taught him to read, I thought "no, she didn't. She died giving birth to you, remember?" Note to self: It's not real.

I am guessing that we are going to see Jack's grandfather again - maybe in the 70's on the island or maybe he will just show up and annoy Jack, asking him for his mid-morning prune juice.

Will Locke give Christian his shoes back?

6. This was a GREAT Ben episode. I really love him and think he's the best character on tv, ever.

7. I didn't think of Penny. That is probably what happened.

8. I think there is no way moms would leave their kids. NO WAY. I too had the thought that Kate killed Aaron. And isn't Aaron "special" like Walt and the island wants them?

13. It def. seemed like they "landed" back in time. I was not expecting Jin to hop out of the van.

16. Locke lives right? The island brings him back to life again, right? HAS to!

I LOVE your recaps. I am going to go see Hurley's blog now and see if he says anything about the show.

LOVE your recap! Thanks for linking from the LOST Books Blog.

ugh, it hurts my brain. I do not want Penelope to die,I don't want that poor cute child to suffer.
I am beginning to really like Ben because he is so manipulative and awful.
What has Kate done, to her eyes, and to that toddler, and why would killing a toddler make you want to have sex? I know, Jack is sexy, but, bleh.
Desmond's hair looked terrible, I was disappointed, and Jack's grampa was waaaay too young, he would have had Jacob/Jack's dad when he was like 8, so that bothered me. And, I was puzzled by Jin being in the vanagon. I want answers, and I want everything to be okay with Des and Pen. They once said the rules don't apply to Desmond, because he is so sexy, but with that bad hair, he may be losing his power..

I love Lost and I'm so glad to have your wrap-ups. Thinking about everything myself gives me a headache.

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