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January 22, 2009


oh anne, i just found our first disagreement. ana lucia. i actually stood and cheered at her death. her snide sneer makes me want to punch her in the face. kind of like weirdo sun. i don't like her being in cahoots with widmore.

but a flying hot pocket might be the greatest thing i've ever seen on tv.

strangely i don't feel as confused as i was last season. things seem to be actually coming together and more questions are being answered then posed. i enjoy that i feel less like pulling my hair out. my hair enjoys that too.

Those were all my favorite quotes too, and OMG I laughed so hard when Hurley threw that hot pocket at Bed. hahahahaha Still laughing.

Of course I have 43 more questions now, like always. HOW are they going to wrap this up?

Is there one more season after this?

I am sorry but I also am not on team Ana Lucia, I think M.R. is not a good actress. I tossed that scene in the WTF basket, which I will admit is full when watching Lost!

I forgot how intense Lost is and how slow it makes me feel.

I like your the idea of them making fun of us with the shirtless Sawyer. Was he shirtless for the first half? I didn't notice.

And why is the redhead the only one with the bloody nose? Did she die before the others left the island?

O.K., I am not an Ana Lucia fan, I just like it when ghosts appear and talk to Hurley - especially Charlie. Charlie should be on the show more or Mr. Eko.

If I had to guess, the redhead is getting a bloody nose because she was originally from the island - not that this explanation makes any sense. Maybe she is a wimp.

They were completely making fun of us about Sawyer being shirtless, but I'm happy for them to do that for as long as they like. :) I just kept thinking, my goodness, this cast is good looking. I have a small crush on Sayid. And Jack. And Desmond. And Jin.

The main thing that drove me crazy is that Daniel keeps talking about the rules of time travel--like you're not allowed to change anything, but they step on plants and do countless other little things that might change the future in countless ways. Also, Daniel doesn't apply that rule to himself when he goes to talk to Desmond. Maybe he just doesn't want Sawyer to do anything.

I'm totally confused, but I'm so happy it's back!

I was left with a lot of questions, too! And I don't think I have the answers to any of the questions you posed but I thought I'd make a couple of conjectures.

The thing Ben pulled out of the vent looked more like a folded blanket to me. Strange that he was so afraid of having Jack see it. Maybe it is a body bag to carry Locke back to the island in?

I agree that the bloody nose is a bad sign and that Charlotte is probably going to die.

I think Ms. Hawking is Daniel's mother but I wasn't expecting her to know Ben.

Sun is definitely getting creepy.

A folded blanket makes sense; I'm going to see if I can find a screen shot of it.

Is Charlotte going to be erased from time?

I don't know if I can even enter into this conversation. I clearly don't give it nearly as much thought as you TRUE fans. :)

Of course I'm confused, but I always am. But that's what I love about it. I really should have watche more of the previous season to remember my old questions.

Your mention of them seeing themselves from the future made me think....I really thought Locke was going to talk to himself in the past but pretending to be Jacob. But I couldn't remember if we actually knew who Jacob was yet.

wait a minute. there were 2 episodes on on wednesday? we always download them and watch them on thursday...and we only watched one last night! must check into this...might have lost night again tonight. excellent.

Okay here's my theory:: Jacob is not just one man, but a spirit chosen by the island. Locke is going to return to the island dead, but then disappear and become Jacob. Remember how Christian Shepherd arrived to the island in a coffin? Now he's the Jacob? Locke is chosen, and I think in the end, he ends up being the spirit of the island.

I expected all of the dead survivors to show up when they started leaping through time, but it didn't happen ;o(

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