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December 07, 2008



bad puppy is on his way to join batman. He is not wearing pants.

Heehee! What a joker!!

LOL (And I love the toadstools. I am a total toadstool junkie this year.)


No pants on! Love that part. :)

What are your toadstools made from? (I bet you don't get asked taht question everyday. Ha!)

too, too funny!

Are the Dynamic Duo at least a gift? That would be an acceptable use of time. Or maybe a prototype for a gift? Or maybe a prototype for a gift for NEXT Christmas? Or maybe you're trying to sharpen your skills as the painter of superhero people as a fallback method of supporting yourself after your retirement funds melt away in the depression?
I think it's IMPERATIVE even, that you need to complete the set.

Hey, can I come play? I'm sort of not getting things done over here, either.

I love these posts~! I can hardly stand it. Catwoman has good curves. Good curves indeed. So very much fun!

I'm particularly fond of that shot of Batman and Catwoman cuddling in the tree together...k-i-s-s-i-n-g, perhaps? heehee.

LOL, so much fun!:D

LOVE the mushrooms. But I think you may be eating too many!

This made my day.

I love all your wooden people! I still have the ninja project on deck.

These are fantastic!! I wasn't getting much done over here either, but now I must make a Batman...and a ninja.

Ha, haa! I love this - you make me laugh as usual.

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