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November 06, 2008


I love that idea! After the morning I just had, I need a gratitude tree. Sometimes we need a little reminder around here.

Anne that is really beautiful! Not only do I love the idea but the way you put it together is top notch. :)I think I am going to have to copycat you when Jake gets a little older.

Very nice Anne.

i love this idea. hope you don't mind if we borrow it. i'm ready for book week!!

We have done this for years. I love it! Our usual "tree" is a brown paper cutout taped up on a door. Most years the brown paper cut out bears no resembalance to a tree... I might have to copy yout branch idea. :)

I love the gratitude tree idea! A great way of making your kids see the good things in life! I may need to try it myself!

Oh wow, that's pretty awesome.

I have a friend who does that and saves the leaves. Every year they add one to the tree. I keep thinking of doing it...I think I will!

That is truly marvelous and if you don't mind I think we might need to borrow your idea!!

We made something like that last year but I didn't do a great job of "selling" it to the kids so it was mostly my gratitude up there. Seeing yours has inspired me to try again.

Count me in for book week!

I love it all though my two year old said World Peace! okay, maybe not....

I think this is such a great idea! Anne, I wanted to thank you for your halloween embroidery patterns. Did you see the comments on my blog about how cute the candy corn cards were? I could not have made them if I didn't have your designs since I can't function without a pattern. Thank you so much for sharing them!!


how are you?

long time no talk.

sorry about that.

i love this idea. i think it might be just the thing for me this year. i love how you put it all together. so great.

I absolutely love this idea! Your gratitude tree is perfect for this time of year...

this is so sweet and it looks stunning, what a great fun idea

Here is one idea.....or you can make one with heavy paper to put on a wall or door. :)

Book week? I'm in!

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