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November 17, 2008


I love these Anne - such cute simple designs,I'm sure I will be taking advantage of these, thank you! Perfect for winter nights, I find myself embroidering more these days at night in front of the TV,. I have a question for you - how do you transfer your designs onto fabric? I have searched in vain for one of those iron on pencil thingies but always end up using the old window trick with a water soluble marker.

I use a Sulky iron on pen that you can find here

these are so, so cute! thanks, will add them to my to-do-wish-list!

soo cute!!

What is it about eyes? I've been trying to perfect an embroidered eye and I'm ready to just paint it with fabric paint. I go between large weird eye and small evil eye and can't seem to get it right.

My eyes are always stitched unevenly too. Once I tried to do eyes with beads on a cross stitch and even they were lop-sided. When I embroider on cardstock, I color them in with a Sharpie so they look pretty much the same. I love the patterns! Thanks for sharing them, Anne!

Eeekk! Sooo cute! I gotta link this to my blog for everyone to see!

Oh I think she is so cute. I make Nisse and Tomtens too.
On my blog

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